Firstly I want to apologise to everyone for the delay in part three of this epic trilogy that makes up my wonderful date. If you haven’t read part 1 and 2 yet, please do so!

You would think that being a pornstar, aka professional sex person, I am excellent at things of a sexual nature. All smooth and charming. I’m afraid to tell you I am anything but smooth. Especially in the bedroom.

For instance, Henry and I sat on the sofa. I’m lying down and he is above me and we are at an impasse. Our breathing is heavy. Henry’s face looks a little flushed and I know mine must be a bright red.

His shirt is on the floor next to us, after he hastily took it off, me helping with one button. I get quite clumsy when I’m aroused and by the time I undid his bottom button he had undone all of the others. I run my hands over his chest, fingers lightly playing over the chest hair.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?” Henry asks me “or do you want to stay here”

I don’t know what I want. Or rather I do. I want him, right now. But I also don’t want this moment to end. That is, the kissing and touching on the sofa. It just feels so good, erotic but also romantic. Of course, I want to take it further because my body is aching for him, but I also feel so happy caught up in the now-ness of it all.

“I… I don’t mind.” I say and kick myself mentally. There’s so much conflict. Go to the bedroom where it is comfortable and there’s more space, or push Henry back down and ride on top of him right here. Deep down though I know I want to go to the bedroom because you can just do more. Henry must also understand this because he picks the bedroom.

The bedside lamps have already been turned on and the bedroom has a lovely amber glow to it. I bounce onto the bed, part happy excited, part enormously aroused. Henry quickly joins me and soon we are kissing again.

The bed feels plush and soft underneath me, but I’m more interested in the warm body entwined with mine. I’ve always been fascinated by how a man’s body feels compared to a woman’s. I run my hands over Henry’s skin, which is both soft yet rough. The hair on his body isn’t too long or scruffy but instead feels like the perfect balance of masculine groomed.

His scent fills my head, pheromones doing their job and making me dizzy. I kiss his lips, his mouth crushed against mine. We are a whirlwind of hands and tongues, touching and licking. His mouth runs down my neck, across my shoulders, over my breasts.

My hands are clutched in his hair. I let out a moan as he licks lightly over my nipples, his strong hands massaging the breasts. I’ve always had sensitive nipples, and Henry has always known exactly what to do with them. At some point, he reaches around the back and unclips my bra and I fling it over the edge of the bed.

Now I am left lying on the bed in my skirt, socks and panties. The panties are soon off as Henry slips his hand under my skirt.

“God, you’re so wet,” he says hoarsely, eyes wide. “Your panties are so wet!” but I know it’s true. He turns me on so much. It’s an understatement. I blush, unable to think of a good reply, but Henry doesn’t seem to notice, as he has found something else to focus on.

In spite of the frenzy we are in, his fingers are gentle as they skim the moist parting. He circles my clitoris and it’s almost too much for me. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me, as his fingers work their way up and down, one finger pressing inside hot and slick.

My body is shaking and I can smell my own arousal. I can also feel Henry’s arousal, hard and warm, straining against his boxer briefs. My hands slide down under the elastic and I wrap my hands around his cock. It feels so nice.

As Henry sits up and takes off his briefs, I kneel down in front of him. His cock is inches away from my face and I can’t help but want to lick it. Taking it in my mouth I hear him let out a small moan of his own, which spurs me on.

I lick around the head of his cock before taking it in my mouth as much as I can. It feels hot as it slides in and out, my lips wrapped around. I suck on it gently but push it as far in as I can get it at the same time. There is something about Henry’s cock in particular that I really love giving head to.

I like it so much that I almost get carried away, I can feel him tensing a little. Part of me wants to feel him shoot his load down my throat and taste his come in my mouth. But no, what I really want right now is for him to fuck me. Hard.

That doesn’t stop me from savouring him in my mouth as he reaches over and grabs a condom from the side table. I reluctantly let him go as he slips it on. Then I am pushed on my back and Henry looms over me.

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. The anticipation is so high, my head swimming in excitement and arousal. I feel him line the head of his cock against me. It feels warm and solid. I watch as he pushes inside me, sending an electrical thrill up through my body.

The room is almost silent, it feels like, and yet my head is ringing. I can feel Henry’s breath on my skin as he starts to slowly pull out, before ramming back inside me. My entire body at this point is shaking, convulsing in pleasure and I grab tightly onto him, my nails digging into his back.

My moans turn into cries as his body rocks into mine. He lifts my legs up and from the elevated position his cock hits deeper than before making me squirm in pleasure. My hands clutch at him, at the bedsheets, my body writhes under him and I’m at the point where I’m not really able to think. Just feel. Because it feels so good. He feels so good.

I needed this. The entire night, this new man I’ve known for so long, I’ve needed to feel him inside me. We’ve been together before, and this feels like those times and yet also more intense. Better somehow. My body convulses as my climax takes me, Henry pushing me over

My body convulses as my climax takes me, Henry pushing me over the edge and I wrap my legs tightly around him. He fucks me harder, faster and I can feel him bulging inside me, tensing up and ready to explode. He shakes above me and I cling on tightly to him, both of us swept away with this insane pleasure that just doesn’t seem to stop.

We collapse together, spent, panting, but oh so happy. Our sweat mingles together and for a long time, I’m unable to say anything. Maybe I do say something. I can’t remember. But I’m satisfied and my body tingles all over. Henry seems much the same.

We cuddle. I try and remember the last time I was spooning someone, but I can’t. After such an intense and amazing session, it feels comforting and safe to be like this. Arms around me, breath on my neck. I drift off into sleep, satisfaction making my lips curl up into a small smile. Before I fall asleep I promise to myself in the morning I will taste him explode in my mouth.