I’ve been experimenting with different lighting in my videos recently. I’m so lucky to have awesome friends to help me out by modelling for me. For this video, Gina Gerson touches herself while sat on my bed. Do you want to see more like this or do you prefer everything to be improvised without lighting, etc?


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  • MattGeek

    To your question, I would like to see more of you again, no matter if improvised with or without lightning etc. especially if you record with a female partner and your camera man together, then please don’t leave the place, don’t leave the action, stay there, even if you don’t want to have sex with your camera man, but you could stay there and still tease the girl while Tinder Tommy has sex with her. just my two cents. =)

    • I’m flattered but these days I’m so busy with the business side of things, and that’s also the side I’m really passionate about. HarrietSugarcookie.com is moving into a new direction, with much less focus on me as a performer, although I’ll be keeping my role as a host. Of course, there will still be occasional appearances.

    • John Bufete Sejr

      Harriet is too important now, she is the leader of BIG business, she can’t just let anyone see her naked anymore, she want 2b the next Hugh Hefner, and she is almost there, she think :)

  • xman85

    Agreed. As the star of the show, it seems important that you make as many appearances as possible. It’s rare to even see a hardcore scene with you in it anymore.

    • I’m much more focused on the business development of the company at the moment :)