This weekend I met Mary Kalisy, a Russian model who’s currently in Barcelona. She’s absolutely stunning. An Instagram model who also does porn, and really, her body is insane.

Mary Kalisy arrives at the apartment at around 11am. I’m very excited to meet her. I’ve been following her Instagram page for a while and totally crushing on her. She has this amazing sense of style, very fresh and quite modest for someone in the porn industry.

I actually sent her some photos I really liked from her Instagram page before she arrived. There are a few outfits she’s worn that I think would look great in a video. It’s better that way isn’t? Rather than gaudy outfits, to just wear clothes that you would normally. Clothes that look great but more important feel comfortable.

Happy Halloween

The day starts off really well. We feel very comfortable with each other straight away, and spend a lot of time taking photos and using snapchat. Two girls just messing around. I learn a lot about Mary and how she came to be in Barcelona.

Fun day shooting with @marykalisy_model aren’t we so pretty?? #happyhalloween #nofilter

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Mary likes to travel, but she says Barcelona has lovely weather. I have to agree with this because it’s been sunny since I got here. This weather is perfect for girls wearing short shorts, just like the one Mary’s got on. Her legs are long and toned, absolutely perfect if you’re into legs. Which I am of course. Well technically, I’m into everything.

I learn later on I’m also very, very into her breasts. They are small, but not too small. Very perky and fit perfectly in my mouth. It wouldn’t be so far off to say she has my perfect breasts in a partner. The moans she makes when I play with them are also delightful.

Foodie Heaven

Barcelona is wonderful if you like food. For lunch, we went to this little cafe near the apartment which is in a suburban area. That is to say, not close to the centre at all. Yet here I f0und one of the best lunch set menus I’ve ever had. For starters I have a creamy pumpkin soup, this is then followed by the most succulent iberican pork and finished with some homemade raspberry sorbet. All for less than €15!

The centre of Barcelona has a lot of fantastic food too though! A friend recommended us to go a tapas crawl. Very much like a pub crawl, but instead of beer, you order a few tapas plates. This is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re drinking sangria, not for lightweights either!

It was so much fun though, to go to lots of places and try out different foods. I went in fancy places, casual places and even a sort of hipster run down place. It’s an excellent way to get a full picture of the cuisine if you don’t have much time to spend here.

The second day is more healthy

After such a big lunch and dinner the day before, Mary decided to show me how to be a bit more healthy. She’s a complete yoga buff, and since I bought my gym clothes with me, she decided to give me a few lessons.

Yoga looks really good, especially if you have fluid motions like she does. For me, not so good. I’m very inflexible as I found out. I can definitely understand why it’s good for your body, but my body was protesting a lot. More practice I think!

Videos to come

We made a lot of videos. Including a yoga-inspired one, sort off. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get them up for you really soon, but until then you have to follow Mary Kalisy on Twitter and Instagram.


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