Jimena Lago was one of the very first pornstars I ever booked for my website. Looking back, it must have been over a year ago since I first met her. It felt right then, to book her again and have a super duper fun reunion in Budapest. 

On Saturday morning I hear the doorbell buzz. Outside stands Jimena Lago, somehow shorter and more petite than I remember her. Her smile is big and she gives me a warm hug. Jimena reminds me of a small, cute animal, perhaps a rabbit. She is small and warm and happy.

Girls just wanna have fun! Weekend with @jimena_lago – new videos soon! #allthefilters #messingaround #imaprofessional

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However, a 6am flight from Spain to Hungary can make anyone grumpy and I was more than happy to show her to the guest room where she promptly fell asleep. I returned to my own bed, determined to have a lie in for once. Of course, the idea of joining Jimena in bed was very tempting, but I know if I did that neither of us would be getting much sleep.

For most of Saturday, we are both lazy and lounging. We nap, I play some video games, she calls various friends and family members in Spanish. It’s a comfortable friendship, and we could have made a much bigger song and dance about our reunion but instead we are comfortable around each other as if we have been married for years.


On Sunday we both wake up with a lot more energy. This feels like what I was originally expecting. We walk around Budapest, Jimena excitedly pointing out interesting monuments or shops that we had seen on a previous visit. I follow, holding her hand and smiling at everything that makes her smile.

We visit an Italian bakery for breakfast. She has eggs and ham, which is really eggs and bacon. I have a “full breakfast” which misses hashbrowns but did have black pudding. On our way home I realise I have forgotten the keys and have locked us out the house.

“Classic Harriet” Jimena laughs at me, as we sit outside my door waiting for my housemate to let us in.

In the afternoon I tell Jimena about my attempts back at the gym. I explain there is a training area, some studios and also a pool if she would like to go swimming. Jimena doesn’t want to go swimming. But she does eye up the bathtub, and soon we have hot water running and we’re both sitting rather snugly in a single tub.

I don’t have any bubble bath but I do have some shampoo, which works OK for making bubbles. Jimena doesn’t mind and we take turns in washing each other’s backs.

For dinner, we go to this new place I have had my eyes on for a while. She gets the carbonara, which is huge and delicious. I go for steak, my personal favourite. Jimena scrunches her face at a side dish next to her plate, apparently, it’s pig ears. Luckily for her, I love pig ears, and I happily munch away on them in her place.

The blanket fort

My original plan for the reunion was to go and do lots of fun and exciting things in Budapest. Instead, we spent almost the entire time inside. OK, so we left the house once or twice to get some food. But that barely counts.

For a whole day, we build a blanket fort. We rearrange the furniture, we place cushions and blankets in precarious ways until in the middle of the living room is erected a makeshift tent. It looks cute if a little tacky. One side threatens to fall down on us but holds steady after having a few books to support its base.

I quickly scribble a “No Boys Allowed” sign and tack it to the entrance. Inside we have created a little haven made of cushions and pillows and chocolates. Oh, and gummy bears. ALL the gummy bears.

We spend the day in our fort, telling each other ghost stories, making gummy bears kiss before chomping off their heads and flailing around some glowsticks that we found by accident.

When we get bored of the fort, we go into the mini sauna which this apartment has, and steam and sweat together. It’s a tiny little room but it’s a lot of fun! Finally, we manage to drag ourselves out again and spend our last night together eating hummus and soup and pastrami sandwiches.