New studies have shown that around 1 in 100 fatal cardiac arrests in men happen either during or 15 minutes after sex. In other news, a new drug is available that is 8 times more powerful than Viagra, and Mathew Perry of Friends has been caught asking a pornstar for drugs. 

In a new study by the  Journal of the American College of Cardiology, it’s been shown that 1 in 100 fatal cardiac arrests in men is triggered by sex. Sex is now a recognised trigger for SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

One reason why a sudden cardiac arrest can be fatal during or straight after sex is the fact CPR is not always administered straight away. Only a third of cases had CPR performed whilst waiting for the emergency services. CPR increases the chances of surviving SCA. The paper states people must learn the importance of CPR no matter what circumstances they may be in.

Luckily, there is no indication that sex has a higher risk for triggering SCA in those with pre-existing heart conditions. 33/34 cases of sex-related SCA happens to men, and women are not considered at risk.

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New drug Cialis 8 times stronger than viagra

A new pill is on the market to rival viagra. Cialis works in the same way as Viagra, helping blood flow for erections. Whilst Viagra lasts between 4-6 hours, the effect of Cialis can last up to 36 hours.

The extended period is said to help men with erectile dysfunction have a more natural sex life. This is because since the drug lasts up to 36 hours, sex can be more spontaneous without a time pressure.

Men will need a prescription from the GP for the new drug. It will be on shelves of high street pharmacies this month, with each pill costing between £2-4. The pill is also set to be made available through the NHS.

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Mathew Perry contacts pornstar about drugs

Friends actor Mathew Perry was outted this week for messaging a pornstar for opioids. Known for having drug addictions in the past, Perry shows signs of relapsing despite appearing to be sober for years.

Perry met pornstar Maddy O’Reilly through a mutual friend. They met at his Hollywood film, where they hung out in 2013, watched a film and had sex. They lost touch afterwards. This August, Perry contacted O’Reilly through her Instagram account.

The two set up a date, however, Perry cancelled last minute. Later, he sent a text apologising to her, then asking her if she knew anyone who sold pills. Asking specifically for  Vicodin, Roxicodone and OxyContin – all opioids.

O’Reilly informed Perry that she was a pornstar and not a drug dealer, but would ask around for him. Contact between the two stopped afterwards.

In a story she told to The Daily Mail O’Reilly explained,

‘I was really looking disappointed, it went from us making dinner plans to Matthew asking me for 40 to 50 pills.I was also a little offended and annoyed, people often assume because of what I do for a living that’s how we are. ‘Then it triggered, he just told me he was going through a detox and now he’s asking for 40/50 pills, it was a red flag and I was worried.’I am concerned for Matthew’s well-being, we’re having the same drugs problem back home in North Carolina, I’ve seen it destroy many people’s lives. I would really hate to see something bad happen to him.’

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