Welcome everyone to Sugarcookie! Yes, that’s right, we have rebranded and relaunched, although you may not have noticed it just yet. I wanted to do this before the New Years, and when is a better time than my birthday?

So here we are. Ta-dah! Things might not look that different at first, but that’s because I’ve actually been working on this changeover for a few months now. We have been switching things in the background very subtly.

The overall rebranding, well that’s been in the works for over a year now. The big question everyone wants to know is, why?

Why change from Harriet Sugarcookie to just Sugarcookie? First, because it’s much easier to type into the address bar. But more than that, I feel that since I’ve started, this baby project of mine has grown and expanded so much more than I ever thought it would.

When I started this, it was just me, my friend, a camera and some sex tapes. The occasional blogs here and there. Now, we’re a lifestyle magazine who’s been featured in the likes of FHM, GQ, AskMen, Unilad, The Daily Star, and many more.

What was once a website dedicated to a single girl, now has some of the most popular international pornstars. Valentina Nappi, Gina Gerson, Aletta Ocean just to name a few.

It seems to me then, that the website has truly grown beyond Harriet Sugarcookie. For sure I am still a big part of it, it will always be my baby. But I wanted something new to represent what I feel is it’s bigger potential.

I also didn’t want to lose all the qualities we value, the foundations on which everything was built. I didn’t want to lose the geekiness, the friendliness, and if I’m being completely honest, the homey-feeling.

It seems to me, the heart of the brand and the heart of me is “Sugarcookie”, something sweet and familiar but also fun and delicious.

Another step that I’ve taken is to introduce “Miss Sugarcookie” my girl of the month feature – and so far we’ve had four wonderful ladies take the title.

The reason I wanted to make Miss Sugarcookie is to take a chance to showcase our love and admiration for the wonderful women who have made this website. Without all the beautiful, amazing, brilliant girls that have come on our site, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are.

That’s why naming myself Miss Sugarcookie this month feels a bit weird.I wanted this title as a way to recognise and thank the ladies that I’ve met and been inspired by.

But, since this is a time of new and exciting things, it’s important to take a look at the name that started it all. With this, I feel like I can happily pass the torch on, and Sugarcookie can move forward with blessing.

Of course, I’m not leaving. I realised writing this it sounds like I’m leaving, but don’t worry, I’m as much a part as sugarcookie.com as I was harrietsugarcookie.com, only now we’re more than just one girl.