January – the beginning of my year in photos – was just wonderful! I was in the UK with my family and I had such a nice time with them and my friends. I missed my cats so much though!

February – I had one of the most amazing shoots ever! Leila Sugarcookie and I dressed up as Princess Leia. It was so much fun!

March – I bought some new lingerie in March and shared it on my Instagram. It seemed people really liked what I bought, and so did I!

April – America was so much fun! I love going there, meeting old and new friends. I always have a fantastic time and I can’t wait to go back. I just couldn’t stop wearing this cowboy hat when I was there in April!

May – Do I really have to say anything about this one? I’m such a geek, I know, but I love MCM Comic-Con so much!

June – I miss Summer. I’m not a big fan of cold weather and I can’t wait to be able to wear summer clothes again!

July – Holidays in Paris in July were the best ever! Such a beautiful city, great food and nice people. Paris, je t’aime!

August – Beach vibes! Ice-cream for breakfast, sunbathing, warm weather and sea, what more could a girl wish for?

September – I got to the back cover of Amped Asia. My next goal is to get to the front one!

October – I’ve become very serious about this gym thing. I think I’m starting to see the results and I definitely feel so much better now that I work out regularly!

November – I got my hair cut! They cut so much and I’m still getting used to it but everyone says it looks good. In this photo, I’m travelling to Vendo Paysite Meet Up where I co-hosted a panel on social media.

December – the last month of 2017 is here. December has been magical so far. I’m really enjoying the holiday season. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and can’t wait to show you everything I’ve prepared for 2018!