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Australia’s most prominent contribution to the global porn market – and somewhat responsible for the international Aussie sensation, Angela White is reviewed by Mr Pinks. Abby Winters quietly started producing its unique brand of homemade porn back in late 2000 and has since shone as a paragon of DIY depictions of human sensuality. A great site for softcore fans that’s proven very popular with women, Abby Winters is an rarity, a truly international porno success story.

Comprised of an exhaustive photo archive, a bevy of full scene and clip updates, behind the scenes glimpses, interviews, and a mix of the original softcore and lesbian content, and an increased hetero hardcore presence, today’s Abby Winters has made clear leaps from its original incarnation.

Originally based in Melbourne, Australia but now operating out of Amsterdam, the company’s move to more explicit entertainment hasn’t meant a more professional sheen, not to the detriment of the brand, anyway.

Strong photography captures charming models at play, in repose, and in reflection, as well as entangled with another hot amateur body, and makes Abby Winters a unique experience.


Abby Winters eschews surgical enhancements and other fakery, aiming to capture genuine sexuality in its most natural forms.

The Australian-heavy cast is joined these days by an increasing number of European amateurs and all models are a far cry from the polished pornstars many viewers are used to. Little makeup is used and styles and clothing are usually the models’ own, helping to give an air of believability and authenticity to proceedings.

Onscreen presence and strong performing styles aren’t really a major concern for Abby Winters, where intimacy and access reigns supreme. Exaggerated responses and over-the-top displays of lust don’t really have a place here with more natural activities taking the spotlight.

Some body hair is to be found, especially below the belt, and some models look like they just woke up (in the hottest way possible). Keen-eyed viewers will spot a few before-they-were-stars moments, Angela (Angie) White being the most obvious now-superstar.


From basic poses in nude pictorials to deeply intimate views on the sex lives of real couples both straight and lesbian, Abby Winters’ depictions of sexuality run the gamut. Originally a mostly-softcore site with occasional sapphic features, updates can now be sorted by fetish (wet pussy, rimming, nip slip, Rubenesque etc), model, activities featured (masturbation, nudity, girl/girl etc), and date of upload.

Things can get quite interesting here, especially with two women involved. Armpit-licking, toe-sucking, food-play, and even menstrual blood made appearances from time-to-time, augmenting the already sexy hookups and solo efforts.

Lesbian content is where Abby Winters truly shines, having created a style that feels about as close to actual (consensual) voyeurism as we can get. Each update to the archive now brings 3888px shots to galleries and 1080p HD video streams and downloads.

More than 5,200 videos and a similar number of photoshoots already sit here and daily updates keep the site growing steadily and surely towards an eventual mammoth contribution to the world of amateur porn.


Home to a wide variety of content – softcore, hardcore, solo, lesbian, hetero, and a whole swath of non-sexual items like interviews and BTS clips – Abby Winters manages to keep it all fairly well organized, relying on a solid and highly customizable interface.

Layouts are rarely confusing and, although some menu options don’t always work as smoothly as they should, making your way around the massive site offers no major obstacles. Videos are easily streamed if you’re no into hoarding downloaded files, and photo galleries display smoothly and clearly online or can be saved in zipped sets for later viewing.

Ads and up-sells do appear now and then, often pushing you to upgrade your Abby Winters membership; ads are only occasionally intrusive and tend to stay out of your way. A clean design, charming color scheme, and wide roster of very sexy everyday women makes Abby Winters a joy to use.


It seems viewer interest in the signature Abby Winters style of adult entertainment is waning. With high-end glamor photography and highly fetishistic sex acts now reigning supreme, some viewers may find Abby Winters’ mood a little light.

The steady update schedule should keep members busy regardless of their access tier and there’s an extensive back catalog with plenty to keep even the most ravenous devourer of down-under and Euro homegirls.

Fans keen on discussing the content (or anything else really) can stop by the active user forums and voice their opinions; there is no commenting functionality on actual update pages, however.


Those interested in Abby Winters but unwilling to throw down the $35 (USD) required for unlimited monthly access can partake as they please thanks to a pay-per-scene program that lets you only purchase what you want.

These updates can be purchased a la carte with prices hovering around $3.50-per-scene if paid for with funds from your Abby Winters wallet, more expensive with credit card. Former members whose access has expired are granted “Club” status and can preview all updates but are prevented from viewing full-quality videos and images.

For full access, monthly membership, which can be customized to suit your interests and budget, is required.

Natural, expressive sexuality shines
3.8Queen of the amateur realm
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