Winter is here. Which means for some us, winter blues are also here. Luckily there’s lots of ways you can beat winter blues, from getting fresh air to planning a vacation.

Go on a health kick

Christmas is over, but the Christmas stomach bulge is still around. Let’s face it, we all spent a couple of weeks lounging around, watching Christmas movies and eating turkey. Now it’s time to get out and do something.

Medically speaking, increasing excercise, improving your diet and getting more fresh air and daylight are all fantastic ways to beat the winter blues.

Even if you decide to just go for a 15 minute walk extra every day it can make a huge difference. Get as much sunlight as you’re able to, and plenty of sleep.

Pick up a new hobbie

If you don’t want to go running or any other form of sports, there’s loads of new things you can try instead. Picking up a new hobbie is a great way to tackle the blues, as it gives you a new challenge and something to do with your time.

When looking at hobbies, try and find local communities near you or online to talk to. You can meet interesting people and having the extra support helps motivate you.

There’s nothing wrong with picking a hobby that’s more solo either. Even if you just take time out to read more books or learn to cook, it’s great to mix up your routine and get in some “me time”.

Go dating

If you’re single, it’s time to get back into the dating game. Get yourself out with friends to the local bar, join a dating site, get someone to set you up on a blind dates.

Think of dating in a relaxed, casual way and try not to stress yourself out too much. It’s a way to meet new people, get out the house and socialise.

If you’re worried about money post holiday season, plan cheaper dates such as a walk in the park finishing at a cute little cafe. There’s lots of romantic and budget friendly dating options out there.

Meet friends and family

A large part of winter blues can come from feeling lonely after the excitement and bustle fo Christmas and New Years. Make sure to stay in touch with your friends and family.

This can be from simply keeping in touch on the phone, or arranging to meet up and hang out reguarly. Channel your inner Yes man and accept invitations to social gatherings and events.

It’s also really helpful to talk to someone you trust if you’re really feeling blue and getting support. Sometimes just having someone listen can make a huge difference.

Plan your next vacation

If you can’t sneak out on a mini-holiday, which is also a great option for beating winter blues, then why not start planning one!

Studies have proven that just planning a vacation gives a huge boost to your happiness levels. You can pick anything from a skiiing holiday, to somewhere tropic and warm.

You can plan anything from big weeks away, to a simple weekend adventure. It’ll give you something to think about as well as look forward to.

Listen to upbeat music

Putting on a cheerful playlist can make a difference to improving your daily mood. It sounds simple but it’s shown to work! There’s lots of little things you can do in your daily life that can give a little pick-me up.

Watch light-hearted comedies, wear colourful clothing or even turning up the heating a bit can really help. It goes without saying but comfort food, such as warm stews when it’s cold, can really help with your mood.