Gina Gerson is one of Europe’s most beloved stars. Known for her passionate scenes and outgoing personality, she also has a sensitive and caring side she shows to those lucky enough to be called her friends. She exudes sexual confidence, an alluring femininity and has her own uniquely quirky sense of fun. She’s everything we at Sugarcookie love, and this month we want to honour her by naming her Miss Sugarcookie January. Many Sugarcookie readers already know her well from her videos on our site, but this month we’ll be getting closer and more intimate as she helps us beat the post-holiday blues.

Harriet Sugarcookie: January is known as the time of year when everyone is most depressed. How do you stop yourself getting sad in January, what makes you happy?

Gina Gerson: I never get depressed in January. I’m not the sort of person that gets depressed because of a month. Sometimes, like everyone else,  I have some bad days. But most days my mood is good because of my attitude and how I think to myself.

There are lots of things that make me happy. My private life, sex, my job. I’m just generally happy and I’m lucky. I’m lucky to have the life I have. Really, depression is just not my friend right now and I’ve never been depressed in the past.

HS: What’s your attitude to love, sex and dating?

GG: For me love, sex and dating and three different things. You can have each of them without the other two.

Love for me is most connected with people in my life with who I don’t have sex with. For example my mother, my family and my friends. Sex for me is more common. And it’s something I really appreciate as I cannot exist without sex. It’s the best feeling in the world, even chocolate doesn’t make me happier!

Sex is connected to my friends too, well some of them. Sex is like food. It’s important to eat every day and I need to have sex in my life as much as I can.

With dating, it’s interesting but it’s more like a hobby. I’m very lucky to do this job and if I do some dating with people in porn it’s with people I like, that understand me and accept me for what I am and who I am. And if I do some dating with average people outside of the porn industry, I do it like a hobby. I do it when I need to experience some new emotions.

But it doesn’t mean we are going to have sex. For me it’s like a game. With normal people it’s interesting. We don’t know what is going to happen, don’t know if we expect something. But again, it’s more like a hobby, just an experience.

A thing that’s interesting about dating for me is that normally in my private life I go straight to sex. So dating for me is interesting. I like the ceremony. The guy invites me to a restaurant, we meet, we don’t know anything about each other. It’s interesting.

HS: Is your attidude the same towards men and women?

GG: Of course not! I like men and women in different ways. When I’m with a man I want to feel like I have a man next to me. I want him to act like a man, behave like a man. I want to feel like a woman. It means he has to interest me, he has to make me interested in him somehow.  I don’t know how, it’s different with every man. It’s all about personality.

With women I’m much more curious about them and it’s me that tries to interest them. I’m very curious about women. For me it’s also kind of forbidden. Maybe because I’m from Russia and being bisexual is more taboo there?

So with men it’s mainly sexual. I’m able to get satisfaction and get more powerful orgasms and more of a feeling that I’m important.

With women it’s the opposite because I don’t expect the woman to be curious about me, I don’t expect her to pay attention to me and I prefer girls who are not available or that have a difficult character or strong attitude. I like girls that are difficult to please let’s say.

I don’t know why. Maybe because of my job? I get sex easily, male and female, so maybe I need some challenge?

But honestly I never really want to have a relationship with a woman like a couple. It’s just a game. I just enjoy moments with them.

With men I’ve never had a really serious relationship but I’ve had something close to that. And I’m pretty sure that in future – when I calm down – I will have a relationship. I want to have a family so for sure it will be with a man, it won’t be with a woman.

At the same time I’m pretty sure that my libido will never go down and I will need some sexual experiences with women after marriage.

HS: How can a guy impress you on a date?

GG: It depends on my mood, on my day, it depends what I need at that moment. Sometimes I simply need attention, like any woman on this planet. Sometimes I need strong emotions, sometimes I need something more gentle.

It’s also interesting that sometimes I reject a guy one day and he finds a way to me another day. It just depends on my mood. I think it’s never easy for guys to impress me. And every time a guy has been very close to my heart, I’ve always put up a harder challenge to see if he is able to pass it or not.

And even when a guy has passed it and I’m like, wow, I still rejected him. Maybe because I’m not ready for a serious relationship and just want sexual experiences right now?

HS: What have you learned from porn about sex?

GG: I learned a lot more about my body. I learned more spots that are very sensitive, not just clitoral and vaginal sex. And I enjoy it a lot, I can get very close to orgasm.

And I learned from porn that sex can be freedom. I tried an orgy and, oh my god, it drives me crazy, I love it. You cannot compare it with anything. So for me my favourite thing in porn is the orgy. I really love to see how people are getting their pleasure, to share partners, it’s a sexual freedom. This is what I learned from porn.

HS: What personal goals to you have for 2018, did you make any new year wishes?

GG: Oh yes for New Year I made many wishes! But I don’t want to talk about them because I really believe if I tell you then they won’t happen! But for goals yes I have some. I really want to focus on my personal website more, – I’ve had it for two years but I didn’t spend much time on it.

So this year I want to bring it to life, promote it more and make more of my own content. I really enjoy having my own space and talking to my fans. It’s going to be my baby.

HS: How does it feel to be January’s Miss Sugarcookie?

GG: Model of the month. I’m really impressed. I like it. It pleases my ego as a pornstar and as a woman as well. Because all girls like some kind of privilage so thank you again. But in general I just love my job and it doesn’t matter if I’m model of the year, model of the month or model of the day, this is just my life. But thanks again!