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Mr Pinks reviews Explicite Art: The wide, wonderful world of human sexuality knows no national boundaries, and neither does porn. A notable effort of longtime erotic artist and proud Frenchman, John B. Root, Explicite Art takes its members on a trip through the carnal activities of Euro beauties galore. With a slick style, strong photography, and acclaimed Euro performers, Explicite Art is about as classy as hardcore gets.

Launched back in 2002, Explicite Art immediately caught the attention of many devoted porn fans thanks to its glossy, glamorous style and commitment to explicit, graphic depictions of wild, kinky sex.

Now, after fifteen years in operation, Explicite Art boasts of its HD videos, high-res photo galleries, and stellar cast of erotic models. Still at the controls, Root directs everything with his signature mix of raunch and elegance, bringing members solo female masturbation, light lesbian sex, hetero hookups, an all kinds of elaborate group arrangements.

The content mix offers ample variety and veers from romantic couplings and affairs to more aggressive and outlandish scenes from update-to-update.


Root has great taste in women, assembling a cast of devastating beauties and sexual dynamos to entertain and arouse you. Stunning women whose figures were formed both with and without the aid of a surgeon adorn the roster.

Notable names include Cassie Fire, Sophia Laure, Nesty, and Liza Del Sierra, who performs just about every legal sexual act you can imagine in a staggering 56 updates. Condoms are often in use, so if you simply must see these ladies ride bareback, you may be disappointed.

Most of the time, though, they don’t impede the flow of passion between performers, with many women clearly having a grand time and looking glorious. Clothing and costumes range from your standard lingerie or swimwear to latex fetish outfits, evening gowns, and executive attire, dressing the models to look an absolute treat in the early teasing moments.


Anal sex and DPs may be fairly common sights here but so is a leggy model doing nothing but posing for Root’s camera in skimpy lingerie, giving fans of softer and harder porn both something to get excited about.

Reaching 720p and 1080p in streams and downloads, Explicite Art’s video content should be crisp, clean, and vivid. And, most of the time, it doesn’t disappoint.

On occasion, though, it’s obvious that source videos have been up-converted to higher HD resolutions, and they carry onscreen artifacts, pixilation, and drab color with them. You’re generally better off sticking with downloads, too, as streams suffer issues more than locally played files.

Photo galleries fare a bit better, reaching 3 000px online and in downloadable zips. There appears to be no download limit in place.

The update schedule is definitely a let down, however, and not just because some licensed content appears among the regular update listing, their original source only revealed after you’ve made your selection.

A sporadic release schedule won’t satisfy the more consistently demanding among us. Hell, it may not even satisfy longtime fans of Root’s work looking for something really fresh.


Although Explicite Art provides a multi-language members area, when it comes to the content itself, subtitles are often absent. Some interview clips and licensed third-party updates provide full English subs but it’d be great to find them in use for every scene delivered in a non-English language.

The website itself offers fewer obstacles, a neat, if dated, design pointing you in the right direction without serious issue. Some crucial links could be more clearly placed, but it’s not a huge deal or delay.

Video options differ depending on the scene, its year and format of origin, and, seemingly, the whims of webmasters. Some videos reach 1080p in streams and downloads, others apparently of the same vintage only make it to 720p but with 1080p download links.

Others still fail to offer a 1080p viewing option at all. Advertising is thankfully limited and it doesn’t seem Root is out to extract every last cent from his fans, which is a welcome relief from the porno norm. The purpose of Explicite Art is simple: to share Root’s erotically charged work with the world.


With the update schedule failing to deliver consistent, regular additions to the 1600-plus scenes in Explicite Art’s archives, some may dismiss what’s already here – to their detriment.

Some excellent erotic modeling and hardcore sex (still wrapped in Root’s elegantly smutty style) is here for the picking. Explicite Art is not at all concerned with current pop-porno-culture trends and instead has more classical aims. There is some adventure here, but it’s usually a pretty stately affair.


Current exchange rates converts the €29.95 monthly membership charge to USD $37.30, which is quite a packet for some porn viewers, especially those used to getting everything through mega-networks or heavily discounted sites.

The world of erotic hardcore entertainment has expanded quite a lot in the last ten or fifteen years, with one recent burst of interest arriving with the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon.

This has Explicite Art facing some pretty tough competition, some sporting consistent updates of new 1080p HD work, others already publishing awesome 4K UHD videos.

Without attention and some general updates and upgrades, Explicite Art may be forgotten by viewers with more contemporary tastes. For those fond of a more traditional style injected with hard, hard sex, it will, however, be of great interest.

Upgrades would return its former glory
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