Shalina Devine is a crazy hot busty MILF pornstar from Romania. She’s been in the business for nearly a decade and in that time seen many changes. We caught up with her on a visit to Budapest to find out more about  her. 

SD: I’ve been in the porn industry for 9 years and yes, there have definitely been many changes during the time. And not all of them were good.

The videos produced now are not what they used to be. There are no story-lines anymore, no scenarios. At least not any good ones. It mostly just goes straight to the sex part. It seems like nobody cares enough anymore, or that nobody wants to put the effort into creating a real movie.

The most important part today is the technical side of porn. It’s all about the image quality. There are so many possibilities to shoot a good scene, but it seems producers don’t really care about it anymore. They rather focus on the fact that videos should be HD, 4K or VR but they don’t pay much attention to the content itself. In my opinion, a good scenario is what should always come first. Then a nice location and good actors.

S: So it sounds like you prefer porn with a story. . . did you like making videos with us?

SD: I really enjoyed it. I felt very comfortable during the whole shoot. It was very laid-back, relaxed, pleasant. And most of all it was very fun. It didn’t feel like working at all, rather like spending some time with friends.

S: How did you get started in porn?

SD: Well, I’ve always been a very open-minded person. I like sex. Actually, I love it. I remember that one evening when I got home from work and I watched some porn. Then I thought how the video wasn’t that good and how I could do it better, much better. That thought was stuck in my head for about a week until I finally decided to try doing it myself.

S: You’re from Romania and live in Hungary, do you miss Romania?

SD: Yes I’m from Romania. I own a small property in Hungary and that’s where I’ve been living for some time now. I really enjoy it. It is also very convenient since it’s very close to the Romanian border. It takes me only about 20 minutes to drive to the first bigger city in Romania. And I love it! It makes it easy for me to go there whenever I want and spend time with my Romanian friends. But Hungary is my home and I enjoy being here too.

S: What’s it like to date a Romanian girl?

SD: Dating a Romanian girl is like being on a roller-coaster. The girls are beautiful but very difficult to deal with. While dating a Romanian girl, you’ll go through all specters of feelings. One day you’ll love everything about it, another day you’ll hate it. You’ll be angry. You’ll be calm. You’ll be excited and you’ll be relaxed as never. But in the end you’ll just want more of her and more of that rollercoaster.

S: Can you give our readers any advice on how to date a Romanian girl?

SD: Well, my only advice can be to be your true self. Don’t try to be a showman. Just be who you really are because you can’t impress a Romanian girl by showing off and pretending to be a know-it-all.

S: Do you have a partner?

SD: At the moment I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband. I used to have a boyfriend but that was a long time ago. I’ve been single for some time now.

But who knows what might happen in the future? Maybe I will find a man I like, maybe I won’t? You can’t really plan these things. It’s not like you can write down a to-do-list for the week and put it on there. I believe there is the right moment for everything. I don’t stress about meeting the right guy for me. If it happens, it happens. If not, not.

S: What sort of guys do you like?

SD: Gentlemen only. A guy has to be nice to a girl, treat her with respect, show her how much she means to him. They have to make the girl feel loved and wanted and make her feel special. I would never date a guy who disrespects women or who doesn’t treat them nice.

S: How can a guy impress you?

SD: As I said in the answer before, he just has to be a true gentleman. Simple as that. I like funny guys, relaxed ones who are not afraid to show they care about me and who always try their best to be nice to me.

S: Are you working on anything you’d like to tell our readers about?

SD: You can follow me on Twitter to keep up with my life. And I just started an OnlyFans account too so people can follow my naughtier side there. I have some private projects but they are not connected to my work so I don’t think hey would be interesting to my fans.