Lilu Moon is an up and coming pornstar from St Petersburg, Russia. She’s been in the business for about a year and might not be very familiar to our American readers yet unless you happen to be into European porn in a big way. If you’re not, it’s girls like Lilu Moon that might just get you addicted, and that’s why she’s March’s Miss Sugarcookie. We asked her how she got started in porn and what she thinks of her career so far.

Lilu Moon: My friend invited me to a sex party where I met a French guy who is a porn producer that lives and works in Russia. He asked me to try porn and since he was someone I trusted, because he was my friend and a lover, I agreed. And at the time I really thought nobody would find out about it.

Sugarcookie: How did you feel when he asked you try porn?

LM: I was curious and I thought “yeah let’s try it! Why not?” I have always been addicted to sex. I can say that my hobby was to find a guy, to chase them, to tease them and finally fuck them. I never cared about relationships. For me porn is perfect because it’s all about sex, no emotions. You just enjoy the act.

S: What was it like when people found out about your porn videos?

LM: The first time I did it I didn’t think people would see it but after I did the second one and the third one I knew people would see it. People who know me started writing to me on Facebook asking if I was ok, if something happened to me, if somebody forced me to do it. They were all very worried!

I talked to my parents about it and I have to say I have amazing parents. They love me and support me, they accept me the way I am.

S: What sex tips have you learned from porn?

LM: I’m not sure I learned anything new. In my personal life I am way more curious and I’ve tried more things than in porn. In porn I like to do something beautiful, I don’t like to show everything.

S: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in your private life?

LM: I won’t answer this, haha. I think that guys who are very sexual can see it in my eyes. Usually they guess what type of a girl I am.

S: Do you think it’s different to date a Russian girl than a Western girl?

LM: It definitely is. A Russian girl will expect you to pay for everything, you should take care of her. Western girls are more feminist than us and they and don’t expect that from their dates.

S: Are you a feminist?

LM: No! I will let a guy pay if I have that opportunity. I like the feeling of a guy helping me around, carrying my luggage, opening the doors for me and other small things like that.

S: D Russian’s make good girlfriends?

LM: In Russia we have different types of girls. In Moscow we have those luxurious types who are actually just very expensive escorts. They are very beautiful but they need a guy spending money on them. A lot of money! We also have humble girls in Russia, and they can be very good girlfriends.

S: How has your first year in porn been?

LM: I really like everything. Especially the fact that I’m traveling a lot. I love to travel and this job gave me an opportunity to travel to so many places and meet so many nice people.

Also, I learned that this industry is not dirty or bad as I thought before. It’s just a normal job. People are extremely nice. They have their own families. It’s just normal life, no different than any other industry. That came as a surprise to me, but it was a pleasant surprise.

S: Your three best moments so far?

LM: I can’t choose just 3, I love everything about my job.

S: 3 strangest moments?

LM: With Rocco – he likes to push the limits. It was the first time and it was a DP scene. He told me it would just be a boy-girl anal scene but then the second guy came too. Then he asked me if I wanted to try it. I wasn’t sure. It was my first shoot in Budapest.

Second time was also with him. It was a webcam live show of a gangbang for another girl, but I was there in the middle of the mess, sucking the guys. There were 3 girls in total and maybe 15 guys around. I was a webcam girl, just teasing guys, replying to the messages. At one point one of the guys came to me just to touch me and Rocco came as well. He asked me to suck him for the camera and when I started I suddenly ended up in the middle of the all the guys. That was fun.

I can’t really think of anything else that’s strange.

S: Would you say you’re a promiscuous person?

LM: It’s just that I don’t like relationships. It’s easier for me to stay alone.

S: So, does that mean you’re single now?

LM: No, I actually have a boyfriend now. Sometimes it’s very good. Sometimes it’s not. I think that it’s really hard to find the person who you feel comfortable with.

S: How did you meet him? What does he think of your job?

LM: It’s very difficult for him. Sometimes he might find it exciting but at the same time difficult. But he was my fan before and that’s how I met him.

S: So how does a fan start dating a pornstar like Lilu Moon?

LM: I don’t see myself as a pornstar, just as a normal girl. He started writing to me. He was very nice. He didn’t talk about sex, he talked about normal things. He invited me to come and see him many times. After about three months I started to trust him more and I went to see him for a couple of days.

S: What sort of guys do you like?

LM: I don’t really have a type. I know I don’t like fat guys. Or old guys. There are some older guys who look really good, smell really good, who are stylish. But then there are old guys who don’t pay attention to their looks. That’s a no.

S: How can a guy impress you?

LM: I like humble guys. Guys who are nice.

S: What is your idea of a perfect date?

LM: Just something simple. I don’t like all these pompous things, fancy places, flowers. For me, a simple walk in the park is better than that. McDonalds maybe isn’t the best place to take me for a date, but just walking somewhere beautiful is what can impress me.

Lilu Moon made several sex-tapes with us this month as well as this fun music video. Subscribe here to see them all.