Hey everyone, no biggie but I’ve just created a Patreon page! If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s basically to support platform creators. You also often get rewards for pledges made to creators. You’re probably wondering why I set one up though, so here’s my explanation.

As some of you may or may not know, my brother has been fighting cancer for almost two years now. I try not to make a big deal out of it and keep it out of my online life as much as possible.

Recently, the topic was brought up once again. I want to first thank everyone that has reached out and given me support for it through social media and email. What really touched me was the number of people that wanted to offer me financial support, knowing that I’ve been covering his medical bills for the treatments. Quite a lot of people suggested a go-fund-me page.

This was really heartwarming to hear. I appreciate the love everyone has been giving. But I’m not the sort to ask for a handout or even donations, hence why I’ve kept the issue as private as possible.

How Patreon comes into all this

I’ve discovered that Patreon would be a great way to set up a separate revenue stream that I could dedicate to more personal matters. It wouldn’t be a donation because I am offering rewards for all pledges made.

Sugarcookie.com is a wonderful site, and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved on it. We work hard to keep it growing and expanding, which means most of what we make from this website goes straight back into it in via new investments, hiring more staff, getting more models on.

All proceeds from Patreon will be going directly to me, to be used for personal non-sugarcookie.com related things. The main one is, of course, my brother and making sure I can confidently continue to help him fight and get back to health.

But I will also be using it as a way to work on more cosplay, travel vlogs and it’ll have a more personal feel. It won’t have the same high-quality products that you find on sugarcookie.com

It also won’t have any nudity and pornography. It’s a completely different product, created to help me with a separate, personal issue, that isn’t connected to the wonderful company we’ve built together here.

What can you get?

  •  $1, you’ll get access to my Patreon feed and daily smiley selfie (not found on twitter!)
  • $5 all the smiley selfies + 25 backstage selfies from my daily life, and 5 HD photos from the month’s photo set
  • $10 all of the above +20 photos from the month’s photo set
  • $15 all the above + 5 super lewd photos from the photoset
  • $25 all of the above + a lewd polaroid photo in the post and a snack too!
  • $30 all photos and videos and feed + 1 pair of panties OR socks in the post and a snack
  • $100 Everything from Patreon, including 1 polaroid, 1 pair of panties, a snack in the post, and a 1-hour skype session per month pledged

If you’re interested in supporting me on Patreon you can do https://www.patreon.com/harrietsugarcookieso here! But I want you to know there is absolutely no obligation to, and I am still as always insanely happy for all the support I receive on sugarcookie.com

  • Lionil Kanisius

    why doesn’t your own video ?
    i want watch your new video when masturbation or sex?

  • Friendly suggestion, shipping may cost more then the higher tier pledges, you may want to limit that to just UK/Budapest adjacent, then for US do digital goods.