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Mr Pinks reviews Karups’s Hometown Amateurs. Hometown amateurs is not a very accurate description of the wanton women the site features, but there is plenty to enjoy here nonetheless.

Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is one of three sites now included in the Karup’s network. Along with OW (Older Women) and PC (Private Collection, HA serves up a variety of saucy situations allegedly detailing the sexual adventures of women whose hometown reputations lean promiscuous.

While everyone has a hometown to some degree, even military brats, the women taking center-frame on this particular Karup site are actually newbie and rising porn talents known to any keen industry observer.

Engaging in hardcore trysts with narrative setups involving step-cest fantasies, teacher-student affairs, and sapphic sex, the “amateurs” show their budding professionalism while keeping things authentically erotic.


Karup’s Hometown Amateurs advertises itself and, really, bases its whole existence on its models being amateur women pulled from small-town America to share their sexual skills and desires with the world.

While the vast majority of models are not amateurs but younger professionals already making their way through their first year or two of porn, they still tend to perform with an amateurish attitude; that is, they’re rarely throwing screaming orgasmic hussy fits mid cowgirl-ride like you’d see on some other sites.


Updating on a near daily basis with model interviews and masturbation scenes, pairs of amorous ladies, blowjobs and hetero sex ranging from tenderly romantic to rough and sweaty.

Visually, the Karup’s style doesn’t break any new ground or elevate its content to something approaching art, but it does serve its purpose well. Capturing the lithe twenty-something babes that frequently appear, the provided HD video streams and 4K downloads should keep wide-eyed viewers gawking happily for weeks on end.

In bedrooms and kitchens, by the pool, in showers and bathtubs, the pairings and occasional group hookups play as heightened versions of vaguely realistic possible encounters. The sex occasionally dips into anal territory and the threesomes tend to show a significant increase in heat from the duos.

Sets and production design aims for the colorful and usually achieves it, though older scenes undergoing recent remastering jobs still look comparably bland.


It’s not just Karup’s Hometown Amateurs that feels awkward and clunky to browse and sort through, it’s the whole Karup network. An Advanced Search page gives you all the pointers you’re going to get. The main update listings can be viewed by site but provide no means of viewing each site’s entire archive without throwing the other two sites in, too.

The members area is, thankfully, free of advertising and quite cleanly arranged. Dated content shows the pace of new arrivals and allows you to dig back through the extensive Karup’s Hometown Amateurs archive and find your perfect hometown girl, someone who let loose the same year you did.

Technically speaking, 720p and 1080p HD video streams do the bulk of the lifting while an increasing number of 4K (2160p) scenes arrive to an appreciative audience. Photo galleries offer similarly strong images, hitting 3000px at their best, online and zipped.

Some updates are clearly older productions that have been remastered in HD, though there’s no explicit mention of that to be seen.


With three and two of every ten updates occupied by remastered classic scenes and interviews, respectively, some might find the Karup’s Hometown Amateurs schedule a little slow to deliver the goods. Really, though, you’re looking at at least two very strong scenes each week, sometimes three or four, and that’s not too bad at all.

Veering into step-cest and forbidden sex fantasies more of late, it’s clear Karup’s will keep trying to hover on the edge of the mainstream.


The current archive size – more than 5,500 videos and even more photo galleries – will keep even hardcore porn devourers occupied for many, many months, which helps make Karup’s Hometown Amateurs pretty decent value for money – on its own.

Bundled together with Karup’s OW and Karup’s PC as it now is – finally – Karup’s Hometown Amateurs has suddenly gone from a solid deal to a seriously tasty one. New updates hit the network hub constantly, filling your days and weeks with Karup’s signature flavor of semi-pro, not-quite-amateur women.

Worth the confusing navigation
3.8"Amateur" heaven
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