Over the course of history, we’ve seen some of the best guy inventions ever created. From things like the Internet to Amazon Prime — where shopping isn’t as difficult as it once was — these things have made being a guy much easier. In fact, being a guy has never been more badass than now. Why? Simple, because things like the below are available to us.


Clearly, this has to be No. 1 on the list, right? Not only does porn allow men to get out of the deprivation of not hooking up with someone, but it let’s guys live out their own fantasies without judgement, while teaching fellas what works best in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it can also give guys false hope about the sex they’ll be having, but, hey, that’s just a small blip.


Want to know why whisky is one of the best guy inventions? Regardless of how the day went, good or bad, a glass of whisky is always there as a best friend, allowing you to drown your sorrows or let the good times roll.

Why has whisky been around for so long? Simple, because it cures all problems, makes men appear much cooler than we really are, and it’s a gentleman’s drink. Save the fancy cocktails for the ladies, we’ll take our whisky on the rocks and sip it accordingly.

Video Games

From youth until today, men everywhere have entertained themselves with video games. Can you really blame them, though? When younger, they were the one way to pass time without getting in too much trouble, while conquering some forbidden land that was ruled by a giant toad.

Even though you may be older, having a gaming console like a PS4 or an Xbox is an A+ way to get through those lonely days alone or survive the long, dark, cold winter nights. Plus, with online gaming, it’s a way to compete with buddies even though you’re no longer teenagers.

Online Dating

Forget what online dating was like 20 years ago, because the perception has changed. These days, it seems as if anyone between the age of 18 and 40 are on some sort of dating app, swiping right and left in the hopes of finding “the one.”

Giving men instant access to all types of women, online dating can help increase confidence and allow men to see what ladies do and don’t enjoy — even if it’s, initially, through a message. For that reason alone, getting over the fear of walking up to a group of ladies at a crowded bar has become a thing of the past.


They’re comfortable, somewhat socially acceptable and work just like pajama pants when passing out on the couch. If traveling, toss on a pair over a pair of shorts and, boom, instant comfortability is achieved. It should go without saying that there’s also no better hungover outfit than a pair of sweats, so anyone who argues that sweatpants aren’t one of the best guy inventions ever isn’t someone we want to know.


Yep, that little blue pill sure has come in handy for millions of men around the world, hasn’t it? For helping those guys sustain — or revitalize — their sex lives, Viagra has to be considered one of the best guy inventions of all-time.

Being impotent and lacking, uh, blood flow, used to be a dreadful truth. Thanks to Viagra, though, it doesn’t need to take the passion out of the bedroom, so thanks to the inventors for allowing men to take back the bedroom!

Every guy loves sex, so, with this invention, no man ever has a reason to miss out when the mood is right.