Fernanda Marquez is doing something that very few people in the world have (and can) do. No, it’s not playing flag football at a high level — that’s been done by plenty — but it’s the way that Fernanda seems to make the sport so damn sexy, which has gotten the Internet’s attention, with so many people talking about the brunette’s drop dead looks.

Naturally, with everyone talking about Fernanda Marquez, we had to check her out for ourselves. The verdict? Yep, she’s a certifiable babe, sporting some insanely hot looks and making flag football a sport we should all be paying closer attention to. Well, that is if she’s participating.

Forgot all of the nice things we’re saying about Fernanda and just take a look at these pics for yourselves — which we pulled from her Instagram account, which is littered with even sexier photos and videos of the girl.


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Vivir a tu manera te lleva lejos.👑🖤

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Your biggest fan✨te amoo!💙⚽️ @cjasib

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Hailing from Mexico, Fernanda plays for the Guadalajara Wild Whites, a team who plays in local AFFO and CUFAO leagues, and have won the Texcoco Nationals three times — which is the largest flag football tournament in Mexico.

With her newfound Internet fame, Fernanda Marquez’s Instagram account has suddenly surpassed 327,000 followers — with more, surely, to come soon. Let’s face it, the world loves sexy girls who have talent, and Marquez certainly fits that bill.

OK, enough rambling from us, it’s time for more pictures of Fernanda for you to gawk over. If you find yourselves staring for too long, that’s normal — or, so, we’re telling ourselves that after doing it for the past 45 minutes or so.


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No creo en nada y eso me hace más fuerte de lo que piensas.✨

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You can see more pics of Fernanda Marquez by following her on Instagram.