Male sex toys aren’t typically thought of when it comes to adding some spice to a person’s sex life. Shame on you if you’re one of the people who think this, though. Sure, girls are typically the ones who use vibrators and other sex toys to get themselves off, but, more than ever, guys aren’t afraid to mix it up, too!

We’ve talked about the popularity of sex robots and know guys are interested in testing out lifelike molds of their favorite porn stars, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that male sex toys are popping up in guys’ bedrooms. And, because we care about your sex life, we’re listing the best male sex toys on the market that can bring more fun to your life.

Wet original lube

A water-based lubricant that’s safe to use with condoms and other sex toys, Wet Original isn’t going to irritate anything down there, as well as avoid staining sheets. So let things get a little more wet and wild, guys!

Adam’s extension

Most guys are looking for ways to increase the size and girth of their penis. Hey, we’re meant to think that bigger is always better. For those who are skeptical about popping pills or going through surgery, a male sexy toy called Adam’s Extension might be the best option to try. Adding length, the device slips over the penis like a helmet, adding length and, thanks to the ribbing, bringing more pleasure to your partner.

Tenga flip hole

Looking like an old school flip phone, the Tenga flip hole is lined with grooves and a bunch of other ridges that hits all the right spots during masturbation. Imagine your penis going through a slalom-like terrain during sex, that’s what this sex toy feels like.

Blewit men’s pleasure stroker performance enhancer

With a name like Blewit! Pleasure Stroker, you know that this is something that just sounds fun to use — and it is! With a latex that’s meant to feel like real skin, the male sex toy is, arguably, the best masturbation device on the market, allowing the user to increase and decrease intensity and sensation, which will help stamina during sex.

Sasha Grey sex doll

One of the world’s most popular porn stars, Sasha Grey joins the ranks of other entertainers who have their own sex doll for guys to enjoy. Resembling all the sexy curves of Sasha, the long legs and boobs make a night with the porn star a reality. Adding more pleasure to the experience is the mini vibrating system build inside the sex doll, which allows for the most lifelike feeling.

The Milker by Lovebotz

Too lazy to masturbate by using your hand, giving yourself forearm cramps? Meet the Milker by Lovebotz, a male sex toy that gives no man any excuse for not getting his own rocks off. Thanks to this automatic masturbation machine, a guy can feel the sensation of getting stroked, sucked and fucked, bringing a high-level of sensation to his penis that feels like the nicest vagina he’s ever experienced.

Jesse Jane double stroker

Ever wonder what it feels like to be deep inside porn star Jesse Jane? Thanks to the double stroker — a masturbation device for men — now you can! Tiny and discrete enough to slip into an overnight bag, the hand-poured device mimics the sensation of oral, anal and vaginal sex with the famous porn star.

Adam and Eve triple threat cock ring

Wrapping around the penis with precise accuracy and force thanks to the stretchy design, the Adam and Eve triple threat cock ring helps a man last longer and hits a girl’s clit with each and every thrust. Talk about dual-action, right?