Sex dolls seem to be all the rage when it comes to sex toys, with a number of people saying that they’d be interested in playing with one at least once. And, while we’ve outlined a number of times before, sex dolls and sex robots are piquing the interest of millions, and the momentum isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

That’s because, according the Daily Star, the world’s biggest sex doll store is set to open soon, thanks to the demand of the sex toys — and, oddly, the adoration for the Kardashian’s.

Yep, thanks to the appeal of voluptuous curves, big butts and flawless skin, there are lifelike sex dolls available to people who want to have sex with a Kardashian-like figurine. At least, that’s the opinion of Linda van Daal, owner of Lovedoll-Store in Rotterdam, telling the Daily Star this:

“The doll has a soft skin made of silicone and looks like real skin.

“The material is also safe, no bacteria or fungi can end up in it.”

Sex dolls with big breasts and thick buttocks like Kim Kardahsian are most popular with her customers, she told FunX Rotterdam.

Kim shot to stardom in the E! reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but in recent years her bottom has become famous in its own right.

Her booty reached new heights of notoriety when Paris Hilton compared it too “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag” following a bust-up in 2008.

For that reason, sex dolls to resemble a Kardashian — or other celebrity crushes — can be assembled for people. However, the store doesn’t admit to building an exact replica of the socialite. The store also offer customers 32 different types of sex dolls, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and ethnicities. It’s really letting people live out their sexual fantasies, in a way.

And, while some may think that sex dolls are a bit strange, Lovedoll-Store’s Linda van Daal says that there are simple reasons why so many are interested in using or buying one — and it comes down to being lonely.

“You think it’s only for people with a fetish, but there are also many men who do not dare to take the step to go to a prostitute, in which case a doll is a safe option.”

“Then they do not have to be alone on the couch.”

With the world’s biggest sex dolls store here, it follows a growing trend in the UK — as a sex dolls brothel made headlines a couple of years ago. Only time will tell how well the fetish is accepted socially, but, at the moment, it certainly sounds like it’s becoming more of the norm than the exception.

(H/T The Daily Star)