The keys to happiness might seem unattainable for some people, but for those guys who feel down and out, hang in there, because there’s something better on the horizon if you focus on it. We all fall into negative thoughts, but true happiness is all about staying balanced and keeping a glass half full mentality, knowing you control your own destiny.

Whether you’re struggling with something or are always finding something to worry about and not realizing of the good that’s right in front of you, we’ve got some of the keys to happiness that will help put your mind and ease. Like everything, once you repeat these things and put them into action, they’ll become so routine that you’ll understand how to be happy and live a more fulfilling life.

Giving back

There’s a reason why so many successful people often donate time and money to things they believe in, because it makes them feel good about themselves. While negative people may argue it’s for show, just trying to receive recognition for giving back, the true meaning behind doing so is because it shows humility and leadership. Think about a time you did something nice for someone, it probably made you feel pretty happy, didn’t it?

Staying active

Exercise is so important to your health, guys — and it’s more than just to lose weight. Staying active is one of the keys to happiness more for the mental side than anything else, with the increased blood flow releasing endorphins that bring a smile to your face. From listening to music while running to the deep breathing and soulful feeling during a yoga class, being stagnant will only lead to lonesomeness — which can lead to negative thoughts.

A clear direction

We all want to work towards a goal, so having a clear direction is important to find true happiness. If you’re going to the same job every single day and just clocking in at 9 and out at 5, with nothing new in-between, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Join a club and set goals for yourself to actively meet new people while there. Or simply tell yourself you’re going to do something and push yourself to do it. The feeling of achieving it will absolutely make you happy.

Staying resilient

Things aren’t all roses, guys, and it’s important to know that to avoid negative thoughts. As mentioned earlier, we all have anxiety, worries and have to overcome adversity at times in life, but its those who stay even-keeled and turn a negative situation into a positive one who are happiest. For instance, if you lose your job for the third time in two years, figure out why it might be happening. Is it just bad luck, bad performance, a combination of both or something else? Identifying the problem and using that to your advantage will help you turn the negative into a positive and take charge of what you really want to do next.

Acceptance and education

Things happen, deal with it. That’s about as blunt as we can be when it comes to this, because understanding the keys to happiness doesn’t mean every day will be filled with sunshine, pretty girls, lots of sex and all that other good stuff. When bad things happen, accept them, adapt and educate yourself about what you can do in the future to help prevent them. In some cases, you can’t control the outcome, so accept that and keep focused on what you can — which keeping emotions, thoughts and decisions in check.

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