Howdy! You probably saw me wear this cowgirl cosplay with Marica Hase. It was so popular, I had a lot of requests to make more videos in this outfit. So here it is. My first video for a very long time. You cannot believe how nervous I was being in front of the camera for the first time in over 6 months.


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  • doofus74185

    You should do more videos. I joined to see more harriet videos.

    • klarka78

      I agree. I joined to see you. My wish list is more lesbian scissors video or you taking a creampie.

    • FantasyUnit

      I concur. I cancelled my subscription because I wanted to see Harriet, she’s stunning and so fun to watch. If I wanted to watch other random girls I would’ve gone to PornHub for that

  • mewvibes

    the perfect outfit for ALL occasions c;

  • Greatoc

    I would love to see more please! Sooo Cute and hot! I really wish you would put out more content then 1 every 6 months!

  • Randy Marsh

    you should’ve made a lesbian scene with marica hase in that bathtub when you had the chance. it would’ve garnered so much views/downloads.

  • blackcheckshirt

    (“I don’t know what I’m doing”) You are just too cute.

  • DrNecessiter

    Such a great video! Harriet, you are so amazingly beautiful. Please make more videos of yourself :)