Dating older women has long been one of those sexual fantasies that every guy has at least thought about. From movies like The Graduate to American Pie — where the term MILF was pretty much popularized — there’s just something about having a hot older lady that gets a guy feeling confident.

Although most of us are more attracted to younger girls with fresh faces and tighter bodies, for the most part, willing to post selfies on social media while in a bikini and a glass of champagne in their hand, we’re here to set the story straight once and for all: dating older women is the best. And we’re telling you exactly why that is.

Her balance

Whether it’s the way she listens instead of talking or ignoring her phone all the time when the conversation stops, dating older women is a reminder that not all girls are created equally. Older women know themselves much more than younger ones do, learning from their mistakes and understanding how to find the right balance of work, hobbies, personal time and relationships.

She’s independent

Unlike the 20-something who needs attention from you all the time, an older woman isn’t texting you nonstop or wondering where you might be when you come home at 4 a.m. after a night out with your friends. She’s more than OK staying in for a night and wearing nothing but sweats and a tank.

She’ll teach you some things

Worried about things in your life? That’s normal, we all have some sort of anxiety. But, unlike the younger girls who you’ve been chasing that haven’t been through the ringer or know themselves quite yet, dating older women will teach you a few things about yourself. Trust us, those few extra years of experience dating, chasing a career and balancing relationships will come in handy for you, too.

She’ll be much more confident

Speaking of experience, older women know themselves and are content with who they are. Sure, they’ve got problems and insecurities like everyone else, but they’re past the age of worrying about impressing people or wondering what people think about them; especially when it comes to appearances. Need more proof? If you’ve ever been on a dating app before, the photos of 30-or-40-somethings typically involve friends, family or experiences, whilst 20-something girls usually have selfies, bikini pics and pics of alcohol. Those might be better to look at, but, honestly, which person would you rather meet and date?

There’s no drama

Forget the games and self-doubt, because, when dating older women, all that extra drama gets tossed out the window. Again, not every older woman fits this description — or the others above — but, for the most part, if she’s successful in her career and driven, there’s usually a good head on her shoulders that includes more tolerance for things. Instead of flipping out over something small, though, she’s willing to communicate and resolve the problems that do occur in a relationship.