Jessie J, the 30-year-old British singer who has seen her career rise over the past few years, just reassured us that she’s got some major league sex appeal. And, just trust us here, you may want to sit down before scrolling down, guys, because the pics on Jessie J’s Instagram are far from the norm for a celeb like herself — which we’re totally cool with.

After taking a small break from the UK music scene over the past few months, going to China for one of the most popular talent shows in the country, Singer, Jessie J reintroduced herself to the world in a big way. That’s because the brunette took to Instagram to post topless pics, with her wearing pasties as a little filter from showing off too much skin. Take a look at some of the photos below.

I don’t wish to be a role model. I want to be an inspiration. I have begun to realise that being a role model means that my actions are based on what someone else feels is right and wrong. And as soon as I break what a “role model” is to them, I will have let them down. It’s impossible for me to be a role model for completely different people. Who believe and love and hate different things. To INSPIRE is important to me. I’m being real, but again I know I can’t always inspire the same people over and over again. Basically it’s impossible for me to keep everyone happy. It’s impossible for me to do something that everyone agrees with or understands. So I just live my life as I wish to live it. Sometimes I even look back and will be disappointed and disagree with myself. But if i don’t experience and live and learn what’s the point? I stay hidden in my sensuality and freedom? Nah… I’m too old to live for other peoples wants from me. This picture is me celebrating my body and feeling free. It took me a long time to be comfortable with my breast size. I was teased at school and for a long time when I got older felt uncomfortable in a bikini etc… I have learnt to love my body. In its natural way. I’m celebrating that. Its my page, Its my choice and it’s my body. It’s just skin. Nipples are nipples. Some people can add emotion and a sexual twist on everything. I’m hyping all my women up! We are ALL QUEENS! I love women and want all women to LOVE their bodies. And I’m not going to leave myself out to please other people. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Live your best life ladies. Enjoy exploring yourself. Emotionally, sensually, sexually, physically. Push yourself. Challenge yourself Love yourself! ❤️ “l love my body. I love my skin. I am a goddess I am a queen” 💕 My album R.O.S.E. 🌹 OUT NOW | Link in bio 📸 : @brianziff

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Uh, yeah, can you say hot!?! Jessie J, who become the first star outside of Asia to win the aforementioned Singer, wrote in the caption how she wanted to be looked at as more than a role model, instead wanting to be an inspiration to millions. We can’t think of any other way than posing in such a sexy pose to do that, Jessie, so good work.

While the photos above are, arguably, the hottest pics that Jessie J has ever shared on Instagram, don’t think that those are the only things she’s posted that have gotten our attention. Just keep on scrolling down to see some of the other sexy things the Brit singer has graced us with.

On my way to the gym #natural

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I’m packing bags in my pjs

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With Jessie J just recently releasing her fourth studio album in the past few weeks, entitled R.O.S.E. — which is an acronym for R (Realisations), O (Obsessions), S (Sex) and E (Empowerment) — the singer is definitely reintroducing herself to fans and the British music scene.


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We can’t say that these types of hot things will become the norm for Jessie J, but, if for some reason they do, we can’t help but think that the universe is rewarding us all for something random. After all, how else can anyone explain these things — and not have a giant smile on their face?

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