Sex on Mars? It’s not a thing most human beings think about — well, outside of their favorite porn plot — but, thanks to scientists, it’s actually something that is being debated and researched now. So, is it possible? Well, it’d be difficult, but it might actually be possible.

For as long as we can remember, there has always been the question about other living beings on galaxies far, far away. And, according to the Tech Times, the conversation has gotten so popular that scientists are wondering if humans can live on Mars and reproduce, no joke!

How far has this conversation gotten? So far that, in fact, researchers from the United States, Poland and Brazil published their findings in a study in a journal called Futures, outlining the difficulties of sex on Mars. The verdict? Well, it would be really, really hard for humans to reproduce on the red planet.

“Unfortunately, such an endeavour comes with titanic challenges in various disciplines, from space travel technology to medical, biological, social and ethical challenges,” the researchers wrote. “We assume that human reproduction in a Mars settlement will be necessary for the long-term success of an outer-space mission.”

“The researchers hypothesized that if humans were to successfully conceive and give birth in space, it could potentially be a new species because of all of the unique circumstances outside of Earth.”

Sex on Mars might not be the toughest task, but reproducing would be a challenge. That’s because, per the aforementioned Futures study, since Mars has about one-third the gravity of Earth, a person’s blood pressure could be lowered — and healthy blood flow is critical for engaging in sex. Likewise, lower gravity could cause a weakened immune system, which would, potentially, put a pregnant woman at risk if carrying.

As for the impact on men, the lack of gravity on Mars could reduce a man’s sperm count, leading to infertility.

Generally speaking, sex on Mars is great for a kinky porno that involves an extraterrestrial-looking girl with big boobs, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the possibility of it ever happening is high. Still, we can all hope that either changes or, more likely, fantasize about sex on a different planet.


(H/T Tech Times)