Dick pics aren’t necessarily something that most girls want to receive on the regular, if at all, but a researcher is asking for help from guys to help her understand how the size of a guy’s penis impacts his life. We’re dead serious about this, gents, so start snapping and sending those units of yours!

The researcher, a sociology professor from Missouri State University named Alicia Walker, is on the hunt for at least 3,600 dick pics, with the study beginning just a few months ago. As of right now, Walker is still in need of more penises.

According to Men’s Health, the study was inspired six years ago after anecdotal evidence led Walker to the theory that men with bigger penises share two traits: self-esteem and confidence. Generally speaking, that’s sort of been the perception for centuries, with many believing that guys will bigger dongs are unafraid to show them off and/or have success with girls. Whether or not that’s true is yet to be determined, hence this whole dick pics study coming to fruition.

While Professor Walker wants lots of dick pics coming her way, the logistics of the whole thing is what held up the study until now. But, per the Men’s Health piece, she hopes that discovering the relationship between a man’s penis and his personality will uncover how it impacts his sex life, self-esteem, romantic relationships, and mental health.

Here’s what Walker told Men’s Health.

“People make jokes about it and they giggle,” she says. But Walker warns that penis size is a source of anxiety for many guys and needs to be taken seriously.

“I have talked to folks who have attempted suicide because of their perception of themselves,” she says.

Other guys haven’t gone to the doctor for a physical in years. Some men report avoiding romantic relationships, according to Walker.

“They avoid any scenario where they’re going to be naked in front of somebody,” she explains.

To participate in this dick pics survey — which can be found here — guys need to complete an online survey, send penis measurements (both while flaccid and erect) and upload photos to validate accuracy. The men then can take part in an interview with Walker, however that’s not required.

With the average penis size at 3.6 inches when flaccid and 5.2 inches while erect, many men don’t realize that theirs is average, believing that they’re either smaller or inferior for some reason. This dick pics study hopes to change that perception.

If interested in participating in the study, we recommend going for it and being part of something unique. One request — both from us and Professor Walker — do not send your dick pics directly to her email. Like we said before, girls don’t usually like getting them unsolicited.

In case you still don’t know how to take a good dick pic, be sure to read our article on how to take a dick pic she will actually like.

(H/T Men’s Health)