Calling all you video game lovers out there! We’ve got some awesome gaming news that will only make you love the hobby even more — and maybe want to play more often, which, per new research, seems to be what’s happening all over the world anyway.

With everyone, seemingly, having some sort of gaming console — whether it be new or an old school one like the Nintendo Classic that’s been re-released — there’s never been a better time than now to identify as a gamer. And, there’s research to back that up, identifying the hobby as the most popular form of entertainment in the world.

According to a new report from Reuters, per Game-Debate, the gaming industry grew by 10.7 percent during the past year alone, with TV declining by 8 percent around the world. So, while everyone likes to talk about Netflix and chilling, it seems as if more people are gaming and chilling.

The Reuters report also pointed out that the gaming industry also generated about $116 billion. When you compare that to the $105 billion for TV and TV streaming services, it’s clear that this kind of gaming news is beautiful music to the ears of those who live and breathe with a game console nearby.

And, while TV has seen a formidable amount of revenue over the past year, other forms of entertainment — like digital music and streaming, or box office sales — only saw $17 billion and $41 billion, respectively.

Considering there are so many mobile gaming options to complement the in-house consoles, it’s no surprise that games like Fortnite are seeing up to 40 million players each month! And, for those who think it’s only mobile gaming, according to the aforementioned Game-Debate article, Grand Theft Auto V is coming up on 100 million copies sold, which is a clear-cut sign that people are gaming from absolutely everywhere.

As recently as 15 years ago — yes, the early-2000s — gaming news wasn’t as big as it is today, with many people scoffing at the idea of it becoming more than a couple of kids sitting in a basement playing Mario Kart. But, with the rise in popularity of E-sports and the commercializing of popular video game franchises like Super Mario, Zelda and others, gaming has been brought to the mainstream.

If you thought that, in the year 2018, gaming would be the most popular form of entertainment over TV, movies and music, there’s a good chance you’re a psychic, because it’s almost unfathomable to think. However, that’s where the world’s at, so let’s celebrate by playing some Call of Duty or something.

(H/T Game-Debate)