The power of positivity isn’t something that most people just have. Sure, there are some out there lucky enough to have that perfect balance to stay happy no matter what, but they’re more the exception than the rule. That said, understanding and then becoming one of those people who practice and preach the power of positivity is achievable — you just need to know what you’re doing.

You know those moments where you feel a bit overwhelmed, or down because it seems as if the world is against you? You’ve gotten blamed for stuff at work. You’re single and can’t seem to catch a break. You look in the mirror and overanalyze everything about yourself. Yeah, it happens. But it’s changing your mindset that will help you overcome any internal struggles or insecurities to become the best version of yourself.

Since we’ve all been down in the dumps plenty of times and think comparing ourselves to other people is healthy, we’re here to tell you how to change that mentality and think more positively. Again, it’s not easy, but successful people turn negative situations into positive ones, and here’s how you can retrain your brain to do just that!

Surround yourself with good people

You know the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” It may be hard to understand, but, in essence, in can lead to you being a more positive person in the long run.

Those who don’t hold grudges, judge others or compare themselves are inherently happier than those who do. That’s just a fact! And, when you’re looking for the power of positivity, surrounding yourself with good people who you can learn from is important. And, yes, that even means the people who might be considered to be your “enemies.”

Evaluate the entire situation

True story. A buddy used to run one of the biggest men’s magazines on the planet; I’m talking about an iconic brand that was known on every single continent. Out of nowhere, that magazine decided to fold and he lost his dream job. You know what he did? Thanked everyone he worked with and left with a big smile on his face.

Look, being mad or negative or sad is easy. But those who are happiest are people who can evaluate an entire situation with a bird’s eye view, understanding that, in the end, things always work out.

In our buddy’s case, when he lost his dream job, he looked back at his time there, appreciated the opportunity and trusted himself to be just as happy in his next gig. The result? He started his own company and wrote a best-selling book. See, the power of positivity is very real.

Move slowly

Patience is a virtue, and understanding that you can’t have everything tomorrow is important in keeping expectations honest and your mind positive. We’d all love to win the lottery, leave our 9-to-5 jobs and live in some exotic island. Is that realistic? Probably not.

But you can control your thoughts by setting goals and slowly working towards them, taking small victories each and everyday. For instance, you may be pursuing a girl you’re interested in and hope that she gives you the time of day today. Great, that’s what you want, but it, sometimes, takes months or years to fully come to fruition.

Once you practice patience and persistence, you’ll feel better about yourself, knowing that the struggles along the way weren’t so bad after all.

Be fearless

Of all of the things you should practice in order to practice the power of positivity, this might be the most important. Being fearless and not being afraid of failure is one of the most important lessons in life — mainly because it’s bound to happen a lot!

Whether this is as simple as approaching a girl you think is “out of your league,” or quitting your job and gambling on yourself to finally do something you’re passionate about, being fearless and going for it is critical. If you want it bad enough, make it happen!

The key here is to remember to get out of your own head first. That means to avoid over-thinking outcomes before you even make moves. Evaluating circumstances before making decisions are important, but don’t psyche yourself into thinking you’re going to fail because you’re doing something out of your comfort zone.