If there’s a bedroom fetish that almost everyone loves, it’s the whole sexy cop thing, where one or both people toss on a badge and grab a fake gun to arrest their partner before having sex. It’s role play at its finest, and it’s pretty hot.

Well, while you may not get a sexy cop in the bedroom as often as you might want to, one town in the country of Lebanon, Brummana, is taking matters into its own hands, actually hiring sexy cops to litter the town’s streets in hopes of increasing tourism, according to Mandatory. For some reason, this seems like a genius idea!

Per the Mandatory article, the sexy cop idea is the brainchild of the city’s mayor, Pierre Achkar, who, after seeing local restaurants and small shops fail at bringing more people to the city, turned to a couple babes with badges and booty shorts. Hey, sex sells, right?

Changing the town’s standard police uniform for women from the typical outfit to a black t-shirt and black shorts, Achkar hopes that the city of Brummana will be popping off with tourists. And, while the reaction to the sexy cop idea has been mixed — with plenty of risque women running around the town center — Pierre Achkar thinks that the move will help garner attention to his city, per Mandatory.

“Ninety-nine percent of the tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts,” explained Broummana’s Mayor. “We in Lebanon want to change the bleak picture of Lebanon in the West,” Achkar told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

Although some seem to be torn with the idea of having a sexy cop be the reason people flood to a city, one of the recent recruits, Samata Saad, is happy with the decision to join the brigade, saying, “We came willingly to this work and we have accepted it with enthusiasm and we still hope that it will return in every summer season.”

Look, who knows if having a bunch of sexy cops will help tourism in Brummana — I mean, is a parking ticket any less of a pain in the ass because a girl in booty shorts wrote it? But, if there’s any idea that should be tried out to at least see if visitors come flocking, this seems like one of the better ones, so here’s to it working out for the Lebanese town.

(H/T Mandatory)