If there’s one thing we could all probably use, it’s better sleeping tips. Don’t get us wrong, typically speaking, we’re all pretty good at snoozing through each night. Problem is, far too frequently, we either toss and turn when the lights are out, or we seem to get up way-too-early in the morning, causing us mental or physical exhaustion throughout the day.

Well, we want to help change that! After all, sleep is important, so forget what all those overachievers who say they work 20 hours in a day say, because they’re doing something wrong, no matter how much money they have from all that hard work.

Believe it or not, there are things you can do to help your mind get ready for a good night’s rest each night, but, like most stuff, it requires a little bit of training and practice. Again, routine, routine, routine!

Take these sleeping tips to help make your nightly schedule — and bed — something you can conquer from now on.

Take a warm shower or bath before bed

You know how so many spas or massage spots increase heat to calm your mind, body and soul? Well, turns out it’s not some myth or personal preference.

Whether you’re thinking about a bath — where the aroma from bubbles will help ease your mind — or a hot shower that will open your pours and slow your thoughts, taking a warm shower or bath prior to jumping into bed is a good way to trick yourself into a more calming experience.

Go to bed at the same time each night

People often talk about sleep schedules and how they get thrown off. Hey, we can relate, as we’re often out till 3 a.m. each weekend night, feel exhausted all Sunday, then try to recover in time for the work week. If this is something you can relate to, it might be time to make a quick change.

That’s right, going to bed at the same time each night is key to training your brain, which will lead to a better sleep. It’s like eating lunch between the hours of noon and 1 p.m., where your mind and stomach are craving something during that timeframe.

Just a couple weekend’s off from going out and staying up late — and hitting the sack at the same time you would during the work week — can help adjust your sleep schedule.


That’s right, it turns out that all of those little thoughts you have in your mind can actually be used for something good. So, rather than dispose of them and block them from distracting you, use them to your advantage by creating an imaginary scenario for yourself.

For example, say you’re thinking about a big project you have due at work in the next few days. Rather than let it stress you out, take the subject matter and try to paint a funny picture around it, where you can keep things simple and ease your mind instead.

White noise machine

There’s a reason why so many people love falling asleep at the beach, where the waves crash into the shores and create a calming feeling. And, just like that experience on the sand, many people use a white noise machine to bring that atmosphere into their own bedroom.

Sure, it’s not for everyone, but, like other tactics on this list, these things are meant to numb your mind a bit and get yourself, well, out of your own head. You can adjust the noise level to make it perfectly customizable, too.

Scented candles

Much like the aforementioned hot bath or shower before bedtime, using scented candles to relax the mind and take you to your personal “happy place” is a trick that has been going on for centuries.

The aromas from the candles are good to distract your mind and can add a little positive scent and energy to your bedroom. Just remember to blow them out before dozing off, because, if you’re nervous about burning the place down, it can actually cause anxiety that’ll distract you from sleeping.