Talking dirty during sex is something that absolutely, positively needs to be done, guys. We’re not saying it’s something that should be disrespectful or demeaning, but, c’mon, if you’re not turning on your partner with a little dirty talk, you’re (probably) not getting the most out of your sex life.

And, because talking dirty can be an art form, we have a few tips that we think are important to know in order to really turn your girl on.

Thanks to Reddit, we have a little more insight on the types of things girls like hearing while the two of you are going at it between the sheets. In fact, according to the DailyStar, commenters gave us two words that ladies said they enjoy the most.

In the aforementioned DailyStar piece, per Reddit, girls who are submissive while having sex love the words “good girl” — so make sure, above everything else, these two words are said at some point. Here’s what some of the Reddit replies were, which supported the “good girl” dirty talk.

  • “I love how he talks me through my orgasms and tells me I’m a good girl.”


  • “A well timed ‘good girl’ can destroy me.”


  • “I also like hearing good girl. It’s so sexy. Gets me going like no other.”

While the words “good girl” might feel a bit strange saying while talking dirty, as the girls above said, it does seem to be quite effective. That said, like all things, it’s not for everyone. In fact, ladies who admitted to being a bit more dominant while having sex weren’t big fans of the phrase at all!

  • “Personally, not for me. It would make me feel creeped out and uncomfortable.”


  • “I personally think that would come off cringey and condescending. But if it works for you, great.”

As we’ve mentioned above, talking dirty can be an artform, so it’s important to know how and when to bust it out. Hell, it’s one of the reasons we’ve even given you creative dirty talk tactics before — like avoiding anything harsh and keeping it simple, among other things. So, now that you’ve got some of the secret sauce to talking dirty right, go forth and start making your sex life a little bit more fun!

(H/T Daily Star)