Having a low testosterone level can be super discouraging for men, as it leads to a more sluggish, tired and even depressed lifestyle that can be hard to shake. But, just because you may be experiencing some of those feelings due to low testosterone doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. In fact, there are some exercises guys can do to help turn things around.

There are plenty of drugs or other methods out there which can help with low testosterone. However, if you’re like us, you’re more accepting of something natural — which is why working out might be the best method.

For those who need a little boost to help get their mind and body right, here are some quick exercises that we found from our friends at AskMen that should help. Try them out and, hopefully, you see your testosterone go up.


Sure, you might hate running long distances, but have you ever tried some quick HIIT sprints that are more efficient and effective when it comes to burning fat and building testosterone? If not, get on over to the nearest track or field and put yourself through the grueling exercise.

Not only does this help with your metabolism, but because it uses big muscle groups in your body, your testosterone will see an increase, too.


Like most of the other exercises on this list, doing squats utilizes bigger muscle groups in your body, which, in effect, boosts low testosterone levels by raising those hormones of yours.

Of all the exercises here, squats might be the most dangerous in terms of possible injury. So, prior to just jumping into doing them, make sure you consult a trainer or fitness expert, starting with lighter weight and increasing from there.


By utilizing the body’s largest muscle group, deadlifting can increase your testosterone levels because of the amount of mass you’re engaging in parts like your back, core and legs. This exercise might not be everyone — since deadlifting can be difficult if you’re not used to it — but, if you try to add it to your workout routine, make sure you don’t overdo it. The last thing you need is to sustain some sort of injury.

Bench press

Bench press is, for the most part, old faithful when it comes to lifting, as guys often measure their strength by how much they can put up on the bench. It makes sense, too, as the weight hits major muscles like your chest, biceps and abs.

Before jumping onto the bench and trying to get into some competition with other guys about how much you can lift, though, be sure to gradually increase weight. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint to raise your testosterone levels.

(H/T AskMen)