Let’s face it, you’re no longer as spry as you once was when younger, with your mind and body going through changes as you age. That’s normal, but, damn it, it’s not necessarily the easiest to accept. From losing your hair to seeing bags under your eyes and gaining weight for unexplained reasons, as we get older, we begin to notice things about ourselves that we might not love.

The easy thing to say is to deal with it. After all, unless you’re one of those people who lack confidence and/or need to do something about it, there’s always plastic surgery or anti-aging products that can help slow down the aging process. For the majority of us, though, these physical changes just come with the territory, reminding us that we aren’t the 20-something kid, but now an almost-30-something man.

For those guys out there inching closer to the 30-year-old plateau, congrats, you’re about to see major changes in personality, thoughts and, especially, appearance. Since it can be hard to accept, we’re giving you a heads up now what you can expect, so just go with the flow and be happy with who you’re becoming now that you’re in that third decade of your life.

Gray hair (or no hair at all!)

Depending on how you’re able to balance your work-life stress, as well as hereditary factors, you may start seeing gray hairs as you hit the 30-year-old mark. Most men aren’t too worried about a little salt and pepper mix these days, as the look has become more and more accepted and, yes, even sexy! Of course, the other body change to your head may be thinning or no hair at all, as more men experience baldness around their 30th birthday. It takes some getting used to, but going with a smooth dome is looked at as sexy by most girls, too, with it displaying confidence and dominance, among other positive traits.

Decreased flexibility

Remember how you used to go for a run and not feel sore at all the next day? Yeah, those days are long gone, guy, because, as you hit the age of 30, your muscles aren’t nearly as flexible as they once were, meaning you’re going to feel tight in areas you never even knew you had. This can be combatted, of course, with flexibility training, yoga and a stretching routine before and after working out, so don’t just take the minimal aches as a sign to skip the gym, just use it as a sign that you need to prep a little bit better now.

Lower sex drive

Life can be a little bit unfair, can’t it? All those nights guys found themselves watching porn and fantasizing about sex in their 20s may be less and less as they ince towards 30 and beyond. On the contrary, girls are more prone to an increased sex drive, which is where the whole “life isn’t fair” thing comes into play. Where was that earlier in life? Anyway, because of decreased testosterone levels after age 30 — which happens at a rate of about one percent each year — guys may experience a lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Slimmer, not bigger

When you were younger, you may have had bigger muscles, a six-pack and seemed to fill out every pocket tee you’d wear. While not everyone loses the ability of muscle gain as they age, it’s more common for guys to notice that, because of molecules banding together in your body, you muscle mass drops and you’ll start appearing slimmer. That’s not bad, but it’s important to know that, if you don’t take action, you could lose about 6 pounds of muscle in the next 10 years. That means you should focus on functional strength for a more toned physique, looking to work your muscles but not murder them, as well as giving your joints a break with slow tempo exercises, too!

Weight gain

There are plenty of factors as to why men gain weight as they turn 30 years old. First off, it can be stress induced, which is a common theme as more guys see an increased workload and responsibility. Likewise, as guys begin to start families, their priorities go from working out at the gym to spending time with wife and kids. Lastly, and maybe more important because it can be controlled, as we age, our body doesn’t need as much fuel as it once did, meaning you shouldn’t be scarfing down as much grub. For instance, the body consumes 12 fewer calories per day for each year after 30, so you’ll need to change up your eating patterns to avoid finding more flubber around the waste area.