It’s 2018, where we have an abundance of apps and other resources that (should) make online purchases simple and secure. Unfortunately, we all know that that’s not the case, with people getting ripped off all the time for a number of different reasons. And, in a new research, it appears that gaming fraud is now impacting more people than one might think.

As online gaming continues to grow in popularity thanks to games like Fornite, among others, it turns out that a high number of online gamers are either worried about, or are, having money stolen from them. That’s according to new data from ACI Worldwide, which showed one in three gamers are sufficiently worried enough about gaming fraud that they’re less likely to buy games online — which might come as a surprise.

The report, which surveyed 2,000 gamers in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany points to gamers hoping that the game developers keep up in security, leading to seamless online payments and less concern. Here’s what ACI Worldwide’s Andy McDonald had to add:

“The research clearly shows that fraud is a top concern for online players, an issue games developers and businesses urgently need to address,” commented Andy McDonald, vice president – Merchant Payments, ACI Worldwide. “Trust and security are extremely important factors for consumers in every sector and gamers are no different. With digitalization transforming the way gamers spend, gaming companies must offer seamless online payments, but also ensure that the right levels of protection are in place to build consumer trust and safeguard brand reputation.”

There were a number of other stats from the study that help understand gaming fraud a little bit better, as well as spending habits of gamers’ in-game purchases. Here are a few of the other findings from the ACI Worldwide research.

  • 62 percent of PC/Console gamers have spent on digital downloads, over half (51%) on in-game purchases.
  • 75 percent of mobile players spend money on in-game purchases.
  • Mobile is the dominant platform, with 95 percent of respondents actively gaming on mobile devices, but it also has the lowest proportion of paying gamers due to the prevalence of free titles.
  • 43 percent of gamers in Germany pay on mobile, fewer than in other countries surveyed (60 and 49% in the US and UK, respectively).

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to choosing an online payment option, trust for gamers is the most important. That’s why many believe that cryptocurrency is safe and secure, with 25 percent of US gamers, 18 percent of German gamers and 16 percent of UK gamers saying that method was their most preferred.

All of this info is interesting to see, especially given the fact that the research showed 1 in 5 gamers are victims of gaming fraud. With the increase in popularity in both mobile and games on consoles, we wonder if game developers will step up their efforts in giving consumers more peace of mind with purchases.

To see more on the full study, head on over to Global Banking and Finance, which gives even more in-depth details.

(H/T ACI Worldwide)