33-year-old British actress Gemma Atkinson may not have been on your mind much lately, but, shame on you, because after seeing some of her latest hot Instagram pics, that definitely changed. For instance, after peeping the pics she posted of her in a bikini, we had no idea she had such an incredible six-pack. Shame on us, right?

The good news is that we’re fully onboard the Gemma Atkinson train once again, which, sadly, included a good five years or so away from it. It wasn’t that we didn’t think the actress was still hotter than hell, it was that she just sort of slipped down the list of girls we often thought about from now and again. Boy has that changed!

With the hot Instagram pics that Gemma posted, we now remember why she has been one of the hottest stars of the past decade. And, when we say hot, we definitely mean hot. Just take a look at some of these hot Instagram pics and see for yourself!

Triple threat 😏 @reebokuk Let’s train! πŸ’ͺ🏼

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2hrs Snorkelling Y’day 🐟🐠

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First day of Wimbledon!!! 🎾🎾 #ilovetennis

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While the former glamour model isn’t regularly shaking it for the cameras in her panties or underwear, we’re still amazed at how fit she is in a bikini. Don’t get us wrong, at 33 years old, Gemma Atkinson is far from being old, but, well, have you seen other girls her age? Yeah, many of them don’t look like that running around on a beach. Thankfully, we get to enjoy her having fun in bikini, so, Gemma, thanks for that!

Unfortunately, some of the photos above include her beau, Gorka Marquez, who is one lucky guy to be able to roll into bed with Gemma every night. No, we’re not jealous at all, we promise…

Anyway, the two met on a BBC dance competition last year and, well, the rest is history as they say. Enough about that, though, because we’d like to think about us holding hands and standing next to Gemma Atkinson while she rocks a bikini. Yeah, that’s the life we envision β€” because, damn, does it look good.

For those looking for even more hot Instagram pics from Gemma Atkinson, don’t hesitate to head on over to her Instagram account and give her a follow. Chances are you’re already doing that, but, hey, we figured it’d be a top-notch recommendation just in case you weren’t yet.