Even if you’re not a diehard SciFi or TV fan, there’s a very good chance that you know about the Knight Rider car, KITT, which was a super slick, black Pontiac Firebird from the popular ’80s show. Well, after three of the original versions of the car were used when David Hasselhoff was driving it around, one of them is now being auctioned off, giving a lucky person the chance to own it for themselves.

The Knight Rider car, which is a third-generation Pontiac Firebird, was a nearly indestructible car that could, basically, take down any challenge presented to it. While the show had three versions of the car — one onscreen, one for transforming and one as a backup — the latter ended up in the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois, USA, which is now putting it up for auction on AutoClassics, so get ready to make your bid for this bad boy.


Hey, as we mentioned above, KITT was a badass, right? Anyone who doubted that needs to re-watch that video and remind him or herself why the car is absolutely worth every penny it’s going to bring in via the auction.

Although the backup Knight Rider car isn’t the one that the Hoff actually sat in to fight off all of his missions to keep the peace, it is identical to the chassis that did the driving scenes in the show, as it was built to serve as a safety option and withstand any punishment should it needed to be used. So its ‘Super Pursuit Mode’ body modifications are easily recognizable for even the most novice Knight Rider fan.

While the car had many elements about it that made it kick ass, the one that most people remember is the red light in front that offered an artificial intelligence voice. The current version of the car doesn’t offer the AI, however, the auction ad for this Knight Rider car does say that “electronics can be added to further enhance the car,” AKA you have the ability to add a custom super computer to it if you want.

Everything else about the car is nearly identical to the original from Knight Rider, which includes its interior. It even includes back seats, meaning you can roll around with your buddies, too!

The auction will take place on September 19 at the Volo Auto Museum, so, whether near or far, make sure to bring your check book and get ready to try and land one of the most iconic automobiles in pop culture history!

(H/T Auto Classics)