There are plenty of men’s grooming tips out there for guys to follow in order to stay nice and, uh, unhairy. And while many of these focus on popular spots like the back, the chest and, of course, the pubes, one place many guys seem to forget about are their ears.

Since we’re an equal opportunity website and want to make sure we provide the best advice for men, we figured we’d tackle the ear region with some A+ men’s grooming tips that’ll help you feel nice and clean on both sides of your head. Plus, no guy wants to look as if he’s got something living inside his head and poking out, so it’s best you take these tips.

Grab some scissors

Arguably the simplest form of removing unwanted ear hair, getting yourself some scissors and (very carefully) cutting the little pieces in and around your ear will do wonders. We’re not referring to those big shears you use to cut paper, guys, but a pair that’s specifically designed for ear hair and men’s grooming. Sure, this can take a bit longer for maintenance, but grab a pair and make sure you have the right angles so you don’t hurt yourself while cleaning things up.

Wax it off

You might feel weird doing this, but, yep, you certainly can set up a little waxing session to take care of all that unwanted ear hair. Much like other men’s grooming tips on different parts of your body, your hair ear can be removed with a little bit of hot wax. The benefit? The follicle gets pulled from the root — which can hurt a bit more — but will provide a longer-lasting look and less maintenance in the near future. That said, waxing anything hurts, so be prepared for that side effect if you go this route.

Ear trimmer

Can’t withstand the pain of waxing or don’t want to risk cutting yourself with scissors? Ear trimmers are your best option, bud. Comfortably designed to fit into your ear thanks to a rounded tip that circularly cuts hair, these are quick, easy and pretty harmless to use. There’s not much of a downside to using an ear trimmer, but it does take a few times using to get used to the constant buzzing. Don’t worry, it’s worth it when you see the solid job it does in trimming things up.

Trim regularly

Like all men’s grooming tips, the most critical piece of advice is upkeep! Guys, what is it with you thinking that hair removal is a one-time deal? It’s anything but, so don’t be the guy who invests in something to help rid himself of ear hair and then only uses it once every couple of months. Like you would a haircut or any other hair on your body, you’ve got to keep things on a schedule to look your best.

Don’t get rid of it all

Sure, you want to think that, like back hair, you’re going to want to remove all that hair in your ear, but resist the temptation and keep some — much like you would when trimming up your beard, which, admittedly, is for style points and not substance. Believe it or not, you’ve got ear hair for a reason, as it serves as a filter for different things like dust and allergens. If you were to remove it all, you increase your chance of getting a bunch of nasty stuff in your ears, so make sure you only tidy things up and not go fully shaved.