Being a shy guy certainly has some benefits, but, when it comes to relationships, being a shy guy can be intimidating and a little bit overwhelming. That’s because, for the most part, guys who are more reserved often get typecast as timid and unconfident. That’s not necessarily true, but, sadly, it’s a stigma shy guys need to break.

Well, we’re here to help move you beyond the whole shy guy thing, breaking the mold and becoming the best man you can be! That’s why we’re offering up some dating tips for all those men who identify as being a shy guy. Nothing’s wrong with being a bit quiet, but to get the girl you really want, take our advice and go make it happen!

Take a deep breath and remember she’s just a person

Yes, it’s true: girls are just people. You can be the most talkative person on the planet when it comes to chatting up a barista at the coffee shop or the waitress at a restaurant, but as soon as you lay your eyes on a sexy girl, you tense up and overthink everything. Stop, breathe, remind yourself the world will not end if you talk to her and go introduce yourself.

Build friendships with other girls, too

Look, not every single girl will be the one you want to pursue. Likewise, not every girl will be into you. After you know that, make sure you understand the importance of having girls as friends who can help you with your picking up endeavors. Not only will these friends help give you confidence by reminding you about the good things you have, but they’ll also open to playing wingwoman for you and are good to help conquer your fear of talking to other girls.

Practice eye contact in the mirror

Yeah, we know this seems really weird to even think about, but, trust us, it’ll help you present yourself better to a girl. Much like you would do before a speech at school or presentation at work, practice makes perfect, and seeing yourself look yourself in the eyes and deliver a confident sentence will help go a long way. Plus, you’ll notice certain mannerisms or weird ticks, which can either be stopped or just accepted as being you.

Be not afraid of rejection

No guy, not even the handsome fella above, Ryan Gosling, has landed every single girl he wants. Rejection is a part of dating, guys, and understanding that it comes with putting yourself out there is a major part of overcoming any fear to approach a girl. Likewise, don’t go in with cheesy icebreakers that are bound to set you up for failure, either. Talk to her like you would a colleague or another girl friend of yours. Putting a stranger on a pedestal because she’s pretty is setting yourself up to fail.

Actually take an interest

OK, so you’ve gotten her attention and she. seemingly, likes what you’ve put out there. That’s the hardest part of the whole deal, so now’s the time to actually keep it going and not be afraid to text, call and/or take her out. So many shy guys think that landing a girl’s number is a success, it’s not! Landing a girl’s number and then following up, charming her, making her laugh and taking her out is a success.

Focus on your strengths, work on your weaknesses

Whether you’ve succeeded or failed in talking to a girl or actually taking her out, remember to stay positive and focus on your strengths. Being the shy guy doesn’t mean you need to lack confidence and revert into a shell if you’ve been told “no” by every girl you’ve approached at a bar in a night. No guy is perfect, so don’t focus on the physical side of things. No guy says all the right things, either, so don’t worry on what you did or didn’t say. Instead, realize that it’s her loss and that she’s missing out on someone who is smart, stable, passionate… whatever it is that makes you unique! Focus on those strengths, refine some weaknesses and you’ll be better next time.