There are plenty of ways to improve sex life, but lots of guys struggle with trying to juggle all the information they hear, are told or they read about that it actually backfires on them. Look, we’re not here to fill your mind with great expectations and tell you you’ll turn into Casanova overnight if you use some sex tips, but they’ll certainly help.

Much like reading a book and having inspiration to go do something, focusing on tips about ways to improve sex life will only leave your more educated about what girls want. Of course, all girls are different, but, generally speaking, when you go in confident and communicate while getting down and dirty, she’ll be left satisfied.

To help us get to the bottom of the whole improved sex thing, we turned to MedicalNewsToday, gathering some tips from health experts about what you can do to leave the bedroom happy. Take notes, fellas!

Forepley! Foreplay! Foreplay!

If you’re not doing foreplay, you’re not having good sex. Period. Some guys think penetration is the most important part about sex, but that’s wrong on a lot of levels. Sure, some girls love to be plowed, but many more like to be teased before that. From kissing, to touching to rubbing and oral sex, among other things, foreplay will improve your sex life in so many ways. According to a 2017 study, 36.6 percent of women said clitoral stimulation was necessary during intercourse, so rub that thing before you stick your dick in her!

Communicate your likes and dislikes

So many people are afraid to speak up about what they do and don’t like in the bedroom. We’re not sure why that is — probably from fear that they’ll hurt the feelings of their partner — but, we’re here to tell you that it needs to stop! Much like you’d voice your opinion about liking or disliking a certain food, guys and girls need to do the same when it comes to sex. If you prefer she gives you head a certain way, give her tips on what feels best, chances are, she’ll be open to changing it up for you.

Try something new

There’s nothing worse than doing the same old routine no matter what it is you’re doing. Think about it, when you’re just punching the clock every day at the same damn time and doing the same thing over and over, there’s no fun in that. Same thing in the bedroom, guys, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. From talking to your girl about role playing or some other kinky sex fantasies, breaking from the comfortable routine an lead to increased sparks in the sack.

Get exercise

Forget the fact that exercise is good for your physical and mental health, in general, and let’s focus on how it can help your sex life. According to the health experts, being physically active helps decrease heart conditions, which, when when that’s damaged, can impact the amount of blood flowing to the penis. In addition to physical exercise, doing some kegel exercises will also help with your ejaculation tendencies and stamina.

To see even more tips from health experts about ways to improve sex life, head on over to MedicalNewsToday, which is a great resource to educate yourself about all things sex. Trust them, guys, they’re pros at this kind of stuff.