The honeymoon phase of a relationship, otherwise known as the first three months, is always the best. There, we said it. And, chances are high that you already knew that — and agree.

But why is the honeymoon phase so much better than the rest of the relationship moving forward? There are lots of reasons, with the first being the most obvious — neither one of you have exposed yourselves or felt vulnerable yet, meaning everything’s roses and the “true colors” of each of you have yet to show. That’s not to say you’re both being fake, it’s just you’re treading cautiously, being careful with what you say or do to keep each other around.

Although the honeymoon phase can be confusing — with both of you wondering when (and how) to define the relationship — it’s the most fun. And we’re here to tell you all of the reasons why that’s the case, as well as offer up some tips on how to make that feeling last longer for the healthiest kind of relationship.

You’re more physical than emotional

Don’t get us wrong, having an emotional connection with someone is, arguably, the most important things in a relationship. And, while the two of you have a small sample size of that during the honeymoon phase, it’s a small piece of the pie when you first start dating. That means that, rather than talk things out when something comes out, you talk it out, then end up being really physical with one another, using sex as a way to show feelings. That’s fun, and avoids drama or deep emotions coming out too soon in a new relationship.

You both feel confident

The dating game in 2018 isn’t easy, guys. With the abundance of dating apps most people use on the regular, there are loads of options out there, with a lot of people window shopping and continuously hoping to find something better than what’s right in front of them. That all changes when you finally find a person who’s looking for the same thing as you are, focusing on the relationship at hand and allowing themselves to be happy they aren’t among the millions in the rat race. That leads to increased confidence and energy, which, hopefully, lasts longer than the honeymoon phase for both of you.

You focus on each other and ignore distraction

This is sort of a subset of the previous thought about being confident, because, during the honeymoon phase, it’s an awesome feeling knowing that you and someone else have a real relationship that you’re working on together. Sure, it’s in the infant stages and relies on physical attraction and new memories than a deeper connection — at first, anyway — but that’s part of the honeymoon phase that makes it so fun. Knowing that you have one person and don’t need to constantly text other girls to fill your time should put a smile on your face.

There’s a genuine connection

Call us sensitive, but one of the things we love about the honeymoon phase is the genuine connection that you and a girl share. Sure, there’s the physical attraction and the, lightly salted, emotional side, but, for the most part, during these first three months of a new relationship, it’s puppy love, where the two of you find yourselves thinking about each other and actually wanting to spend time together. That’s not always the case in a relationship as it progresses, so take advantage of this time together.

You’re both trying new things

Just when you thought you knew yourself, you meet someone who introduces you to new hobbies or interests. From breaking your routine of drinking all weekend with buddies to joining clubs or volunteering together, the honeymoon phase is a great time to try new things to help build the relationship together. It brings new energy and gives you a person to experience life with.

Communication is at the perfect balance

Communication in a relationship is one of the most important parts of keeping it successful. However, that doesn’t mean you need to constantly text one another and always be in one another’s business! During the honeymoon phase of a relationship, when you truly find the person you’re working towards getting to know better, communication is ideal. You’re not seeing each other everyday, nor are you talking everyday just to pass time, meaning you’ve still got a good balance of one another.

So, how can you make the honeymoon phase last?

The easiest answer? Keep things simple and loose. Be confident and ignore the temptation of over-thinking things. That’s a two-way street, of course, with you and your newly minted girlfriend understanding what the other wants from the relationship, and working towards that together without too much pressure or expectations. The honeymoon phase is when you’re both wild and free, and holding onto that feeling can exist when you’re both open, honest and trust each other.