I’ll be honest, I never really thought I’d be writing about a lady who’s dubbed the world’s hottest grandma, but, damn, after looking at the hot Instagram pictures of a blonde bombshell named Gina Stewart, I just couldn’t resist myself. And, trust me, when you stare at these pics for as long as we have all morning long, you’ll agree with the distinction.

While Gina might be a grandma by technicality, it’s not as if the Aussie babe is pushing 80 or 90 years old like most of our own grandmothers are. That’s because Gina Stewart’s still only 48 years old, so she’s still very much in her prime.

For anyone who might doubt that, well, her hot Instagram account is proof that she’s got more sex appeal than anyone half her age, sporting an incredible figure that includes double-E-sized breasts. In fact, it’s because of that sexiness that Gina’s gotten a little bit of criticism lately, with DailyMail writing about how some think she’s showing too much skin on social media.

But, hey, we’re never going to complain, which is why we needed to show-off some of Gina’s hottest Instagram pics, which we’ve definitely drooled over for a good hour or so. Take a look for yourself!

With that body, it’s pretty hard to believe that Gina Stewart is a mother of four and a grandma, but, hey, some people are just lucky AF in the genetic department, right?

As for all the attention she’s been getting, Gina’s happy with it, but pretty bummed that her Instagram account is being banned or flagged by the company for being too racy. In fact, she doesn’t find anything wrong with her pics at all, saying she thinks her account is “tasteful,” and that Instagram is a “place for artistic self-expression and creativity.” Hey, we can’t argue with that!

While I may not have thought I’d write about the world’s hottest grandma in my lifetime, I’m pretty happy that Gina Stewart’s hot Instagram account exists. More so, I’m happier that I came across it, because it’s been a guilty pleasure ever since I discovered it — and we have a feeling you’ll agree, which is why we highly recommend giving her a follow.