Knowing how to flirt and just flirting are two very different things. Sure, as guys, we know that coming in strong with a solid icebreaker is most important, but it’s how you go about it that can set the tone for success or failure. Here’s a hint, though, a cheesy pickup line probably isn’t going to work.

However, there are ways to seeing more success when it comes to flirting, while picking up certain signs that the girl you’re talking with is feeling you. Instead of over-thinking things, we simply went straight to the source to see what works best.

That’s why we headed over to Reddit to hear successful ways in which guys hit on girls, with the ladies giving a few tips on what worked best to get a response. Hey, we just want to make sure you know how to flirt for results, not just to waste time.

“It didn’t happen to me but a great one I’ve seen goes as follows;
Guy: ‘Excuse me, you see that guy over there in the red shirt?’
Red shirt guy waves
Girl: ‘Erm yeah..’
Guy: ‘Well he was wondering if I could buy you a drink?'”


“At a wedding reception I overheard a fairly average looking fella ask one of the waitresses ‘Do you have an ugly boyfriend?’ She answered no, naturally enough, to which he shot back ‘do you want one?’ Smooth line.”


“In math class, he asked me to help him solve a really long math problem. The answer was his phone number.”


“‘Give me a tour of your house,’ during a house party. Tour started and stopped at my bedroom.”


“Job Interview: ‘Look. You’re great for this job. You’re perfect. But this company is falling apart soon and you deserve better. We should hang out after this.’ And now we’re married.”


“I was working a concession stand at my local fair, and a gentleman came up and purchased food. 5 minutes later, I noticed he was standing at the counter again. I approached him and said, ‘Is everything OK? Did I forget something?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, you forgot to give me your number.'”


“At a party, took my hand and led me into a back bedroom, closed/locked the door and started stripping off her clothes. Non-subtle clues always work the best.”


“My boyfriend told me that he’d been visited by his future self and that he’d told him we’d be dating in three weeks. But because of the time warp he’d forgotten my name and number, so could I please remind him? 3 years later we’re still together.”


“At a music festival after the final set of the night this guy that was behind me just grabbed my hand (I guess we had been dancing together, it was crowded and I was just moving to my own beat focused on the music) and led the way back to his tent. It wasn’t aggressive but rather subtle and I like the initiative.”

Now, not all of these might work out for you, but it does seem as if the subtle flirting attempts are the best approach, according to the girls on Reddit. To get more flirting techniques, head on over to Reddit to see the full thread, which will certainly educate you on how to flirt with more success.