We know we often talk about how sexy a pornstar is, oh, every single day — you’re welcome — but one of the newcomers in the industry who we’ve seemed to fallen for is a blonde babe named Lexi Lore. Shockingly, the 19-year-old Lexi is, well, sexy, and it’s just one of the many reasons why you need to know about her.

Although, at first glance, one might assume that the teenager is shy, you’d be very wrong, because Lexi Lore is an absolute wild woman in the bedroom, unafraid to try a number of different positions and putting her petite little body at the mercy of whomever she’s filming with. Yeah, it’s hot.

Before you go running off and seeing for yourself just how hot Lexi Lore is in her videos, take a peek at some of the hot Instagram pics we were able to scrape from the Internet. Unfortunately, her personal account is unavailable at the moment, but we can still drool over her good looks thanks to her fans tagging her on social media so frequently.

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Blessed with long legs and a body ripe for the taking, Lexi Lore actually has a booty on her that might catch you by surprise. Plus, as tiny as she is, she’s still got 34C boobs, so she’s kind of got a lot going for her in the physical department.

After breaking into the porn industry in December of 2017 — yes, less than a year ago — she’s already filmed an impressive 50-plus videos, meaning she’s been hard at work. Lexi transitioned into videos from webcamming, so it’s clear she knows what the people like when the camera’s pointed in her direction.

While we got a nice little teaser with the hot Instagram pics of Lexi Lore above, unfortunately, her personal Instagram account is being red flagged by the powers that be over at the Instagram headquarters. That’s a serious bummer, because, as people who follow her every move on social media, we can tell you she’s never shy in posting sexy things for our viewing pleasure. Maybe she’ll get her Instagram account unlocked and be back soon, because she’s definitely worth a follow if/when that happens.