Pornstar Ember Snow is a name that, if you don’t already know, you’re going to want to add to your “must-watch” list, gents. That’s because the gorgeous, super petite Filipina brunette has been getting a lot of attention in the adult industry lately, even getting a recent nomination for Cam Crossover in the YNOT Cam Awards.

Standing just 4’11”, Ember might look tiny, but she’s got a bark that’s pretty damn big, proving herself in mainstream videos with some major production companies, while also being a popular webcam girl. And, because we’re big fans of Ember Snow’s work, we had to track her down to tell you more about her.

After breaking into the industry just about a year-in-a-half ago, it’s clear Ember Snow’s already a rising star who’s on track for big things. But, rather than just dig up some random bio online about her, we were lucky enough to sit and talk with her, asking her things about her porn career, the things a guy can do to get her attention and, of course, if there’s anything she wouldn’t in the bedroom.

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What are your fantasies?

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Sugarcookie (SC): OK, what are your thoughts on dating and Instagram? We know guys have to try HARD to slide into your DMs, right?

Ember Snow (ES): “Well, being an adult performer, safety is the No. 1 thing in my life. So, I don’t date guys from Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or any other social media. I work a lot, and most guys can’t handle what I do, or their first priority is sex and not me as a person. So I just don’t do it.”

SCHave you ever, or would you ever, consider meeting up with a dude from Instagram?

ES: “No. Again, safety is a real issue. And I wouldn’t meet up with random people anyway. I don’t think anyone should do it. The Internet is full of scammers and fakes. I’d rather know who I am meeting up with in real life before I make a decision about a date.”

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#BTS for Throated

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This scene is out now!!! 🤩 It was hot, angry, and steamy

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SC: Just curious as to the reason why…

ES: “Nothing would get my attention on social media. Because you’re asking so many questions about this, I’ll tell you something I rarely tell anyone. Before I got into porn, and before I lost my virginity, I met a guy online and we talked a lot for a very long time. But every time I pushed for us to meet, he would avoid me. I even traveled a long distance to meet him, but he stood me up. When I finally confronted him about all this, he said the reason he didn’t want to meet me was because he was actually a girl! I told this “person” that it shouldn’t matter because they knew I was bisexual from the beginning, so a relationship with a girl wouldn’t be a problem with me. But this person continued to evade me and refused to show me any pictures of what he/she really looked like. I finally bailed. That was enough for me to stop meeting people on the Internet/social media. It’s better to meet someone in real life, get to know them and then make decisions based on that rather than the facade they put up on social media.”

SC: You’re pretty new to the porn industry, getting into it just 1.5 years ago: what made you want to pursue a career in porn?

ES: “I started out as a mainstream actress and wanted to move into producing, but there were so many hurdles to get financing. I just decided this is a great way to make a lot of money and produce my own stuff. Plus, in mainstream, just about every producer or financier wants to have sex with you and propositions you for sex in exchange for help with a career. By doing porn, I took that control back. Now I fuck who I want and I’m making my own money to do with it how I please.”

SCWhat is it about sex on camera that makes you feel so sexy and/or empowered?

ES: “That should be obvious (laughs). Everyone is watching you. Everyone in the room, and everyone at home on their TVs and computer monitors. You are the center of attention. And, yes, it can be a very powerful feeling. It’s also humbling to know that so many people find you that attractive and sexy that they want to watch you do this on camera.”

SC: In your personal life, are you having as much sex as we’d like to think you are, or save it for someone special?

ES: “In both work and personal, I am getting plenty of sex. When it comes to guys, I mostly stick to the talent pool in the industry and keep it professional. When it comes to girls… I can be a little bit of a slut (laughs). I’m not getting enough there. I went to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend and saw more hot girls in one place than I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to hit on all of them.”

SC: Is there any one thing that you’d never do during sex, or are you open to trying something at least once?

ES: “There are things I wouldn’t do mostly because of my own body. I’m very small (4’11, 90 pounds), so double vaginal or anal would be difficult. I plan on trying DP, but I’m hesitant because I don’t want to injure myself. Also, because I’m a very “sex positive” kind of person, I don’t do any of the degrading and violent stuff. Other than that, submit me a list of stuff and I’ll tell you if I would or wouldn’t try it.”

SC: We know the celeb you’d like to have sex with is Margot Robbie, what makes her your No. 1 choice?

ES: “Have you seen Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street? My God, every single frame she was in you can’t take your eyes off of her. And her presence; so powerful. Then you look at her as a person, and she’s so confident and in control of her career. I, Tonya was brilliant and she produced that herself. She is one of my idols when it comes to that.”

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Good night ❤️

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Make sure you check out more hot Instagram pics from the lovely Ember Snow by following her account. Trust us, with as many sexy things as this pornstar does, you’ll be happy to be part of her life — even if it’s just on social media.