We all know that social media is often used to flirt with a girl. From guys sliding into DMs on Instagram, to randomly following people on Snapchat to get a girl’s attention to, finally, liking a cute girl’s profile picture on Facebook to let them know that you’re showing some interest. But, is it ever really that successful?

Well, in fact, it is — you just need to know how to do it right.

These days, there are so many different apps out there that people use to engage with one another. To help focus on the ones that can get you the most responses when flirting with a girl, we’re giving you some social media examples to try your luck with. They may not always work on every girl, but, hey, you’ve got to shoot your shot when it comes to this kind of stuff. Just remember one rule: no random dick pics!

Put your best pics forward

She’s human, meaning she’s going to be curious about why some random guy is always on her list of people who viewed her IG story or likes her pics online. That means she’s definitely going to look at your profiles and, even more, wants to make sure you’re not some creep who she should just go ahead and block. She may not follow you or like all the things you post, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s uninterested. That said, you’ll want to make sure your social media profiles represent you, putting your best pics out there for her to see — even if she’s not engaging with them.

Comment and like (but not on everything she posts)

You’re eager to get her attention, but you don’t want to come across as desperate. This means that, while you may look at her profile and/or see her pics pop up on your feed throughout the day, you need to avoid just double tapping all the time to show her that you’ve got a watchful eye. Be selective on what you like and/or comment on, as well as avoiding the urge to watch all of her updates on social media. This is a girl you actually want to meet in person, not some girl you just want to crush on digitally.

Don’t be afraid to make flirting public

So many guys think that private messages is the way to win a girl over on social media, but, in some cases, making it public is the better way to go. Think about it, there’s a good chance that this girl you’re into is getting hit up left and right by a number of different guys who are shooting their shot like you are. Be confident and leave a comment on her pics every once in a while, going beyond the casual like or DM that she’s getting from other dudes.

Treat her like you already know her

Whether you actually know her or you’re just trying to get some random girl’s attention, you need to be yourself and not think that what you’re doing is weird. Guys, it’s 2018, so people meet online all the time. It’s kind of become the norm now, as opposed to the exception. Once you come to grips with this, you can flirt and be witty to separate yourself from any other dude that may be trying to slide into DMs on different social media apps.

Think before you post

Look, we’re not telling you to sit and overthink your captions or filters to the point that you talk yourself out of posting something, but it is important to only post things on social media that represents who you are and your values. Remember, you’ve got a personal brand — whether you want to believe it or not — so you don’t want every pic on your profile to include you and your buddies drunk, or all the stories on Instagram to be of you doing something stupid. If she sees those, she may be immediately turned off.