Amanda Bynes hasn’t been in the spotlight for some time now, with the last time we saw her being because of trouble with the law. But the 32-year-old actress is back in a the news thanks to a new feature in Paper magazine, and, yep, she looks super hot.

Opening up about some of the issues she went through years ago, Amanda Bynes looks healthy and happy again, with Paper magazine showing off the new version of the beauty. Take a look at some of the pics and see why Amanda’s never looked better.

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Amanda Bynes became famous at a young age thanks to Nickelodeon putting her in the spotlight by giving her her own show while still a teenager. From there, she was able to parlay her career into movies, which, according to her interview with Paper, led to depression and, thus, substance abuse. In fact, Amanda said that it was her role in 2006’s She’s the Man that she pointed to as a major problem for her, talking about how it damaged her self image, and how she didn’t like how she looked as a boy.

It’s awesome to see a comeback story like this, where Amanda Bynes went from the A-list to falling out of favor and, hopefully, making a comeback for the ages. Anyone who struggles with depression or substance abuse always puts themselves at risk, so it’s cool to see the 32-year-old making strides to get her life back together.

To read the full interview and see more pics of Amanda Bynes, head on over to Paper magazine’s website.