We’ve all made girls feel uncomfortable at some point in our lives, that’s just a fact. Thing is, it’s not as if we mean to do it. Hell, we even know that we’re probably doing it. Unfortunately, since you have one chance at making a good first impression, making a girl uncomfortable from the start is a bad look, and could cause you to be the dude to avoid at all costs.

Don’t worry, though, because we’re here for you, making sure that you don’t confuse creepiness with confidence, which will definitely help you get more girls. While showing signs of being confident is one way to avoid making girls uncomfortable, there are plenty of others, you just need to recognize the problem before doing it again.

For example, are you the type of guy who is really impatient when texting a girl you just met or matched with on an online dating app? Hey, that’s OK to admit, I know I can be at times. Thing is, once you recognize that you might come on a bit too strong, you can identify how to resolve the problem. No harm, no foul, right?

Since we want to see you have more dating success, we’re breaking down a few things that you might (unknowingly) be doing that make girls uncomfortable. From showing little facial expression to not matching your brain with your words, here are ways to avoid being the guy she’s not at all interested in.

What are common ways that guys make girls uncomfortable?

Go ahead and get yourself a pen and paper, guys, because you may want to take notes before we list off a bunch of ways that we make girls uncomfortable. Whether you mean to or not, there are lots of ways girls instantly get turned off, so here are a few common things to avoid doing.

  • Online stalking
  • Being too forward
  • Not taking no for an answer
  • Being too romantic or trying too hard to impress
  • Finding alternate ways to ask them out

Look, there are obviously exceptions to these rules, but, for the most part, you should know what is an isn’t acceptable. For instance, online stalking is a big no no, as pretty much every girl will look at it as being weird. As for some of the others above, you may think you’re just being nice, or persistent, or creative with how you ask her out, but there’s a good chance that it’s taken the wrong way by her.

If you fall victim to being turned down for any of the reasons above, don’t get down or question yourself, just learn from the experience and be better next time. Remember, there are plenty of girls out there.

Is there a way to stop making girls uncomfortable?

The easiest answer is to never do it in the first place, but, let’s be honest here, no man in the history of the universe has never not made a girl uncomfortable. Yep, no matter if you’re Joe Schmo, a model or a star athlete, a girl has been weirded out by you.

However, since it’s unrealistic to always please girls, the best way to stop making girls uncomfortable is to stay confident and take things slow. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is put a clock in their mind, playing out certain things by a certain time. That’s a bad move, though, because, while you may want to try to prove you’re charming and smart and fun and handsome to her, she may want to stay guarded or at a distance at first. Don’t play games, but be genuine, which is a trait all girls enjoy in a guy.

Why do girls think everything I do makes them uncomfortable?

If we’re being honest, there are probably two reasons. First, you’re probably coming on a little too strong, being way too straightforward. Second, you’re probably trying too hard, giving her way more attention than she deserves early on in a relationship. Both are easily fixable, though — and don’t think you’re the only guy who has ever done either.

It’s important to understand when you’re doing the above things for a few other reasons, too. To avoid that hated “friend zone,” you’ll want to make sure you differentiate between being too nice and being too sexual. As for trying too hard, if you’re taking a girl on expensive dates and asking her to join you and buddies for everything you do, you’re playing it all wrong.

Look, I’ve made the mistake of texting a girl to hangout a bunch of times on a few occasions, which ended up burning me in the end for making them a little uncomfortable for being so available. Hey, you learn from it and kind of laugh at the fact that, yeah, you definitely came across a little too strong.

When meeting a girl, keep things flirty and fun, but make sure she knows you’re interested by tossing out subtle signs that will make her feel special. No girl ever thought opening a door for her or buying her a drink was ever super uncomfortable; or so I don’t think?

I’m just trying to be nice, why’s it making her uncomfortable?

Man, dating sure is hard, isn’t it? We totally understand that you’re that nice guy who just wants to show that he’s not an asshole like other guys, but, here’s the thing, most girls actually find that unattractive. Talk about a major backfire, huh?

You want to be a gentleman and charming without being too needy, coming on too strong or crossing into the uncomfortable territory by playing things cool. Sure, she may be really into you, but that doesn’t mean you rush things for the first girl who gives you a bunch of attention, otherwise it could come back and bite you in the ass.

The best advice here is to set parameters in your mind and stick to them. Keep them to yourself until you feel like you need to or want to tell a girl how you envision a potential relationship going, and hold yourself accountable so not to break any rules that will leave her feeling uncomfortable. Now go out there and be your best selves, gents.