Let’s face it, if you’re a guy, there’s a really, really good chance that you’ll experience one (or multiple) orgasms during sex. That’s just the way it goes for us dudes, we’re sexual beasts and, unless there’s some sort of health problem going on, we will ejaculate.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for girls. In fact, because of guys are known to orgasm during sex so often, there are times when the girl is left hanging, unable to achieve the almighty O! This isn’t cool for them, but, more importantly, it looks really bad for the guy, who might please her during sex, but doesn’t make her reach climax.

As difficult as you might think it is to get a girl off, though, giving her multiple orgasms during sex is actually possible; you just need to know what the hell you’re doing — and that’s where we come in. Rather than leaving her unsatisfied after sex, we’re giving you tips on how to give her mind-bending multiple orgasms, leaving her happy, you proud and, more than likely, the two of you wanting to do it all over again sometime soon.

Use your fingers

Just when you thought fingering was just for middle school kids, here we are telling you that it’s crucial in giving your girl multiple orgasms. Go ahead and laugh, but if you’re not using your fingers in her vagina (and, yep, ass, too!), then there’s a good chance you’re doing something wrong. Fingering her at different speeds and depths will drive her crazy, but, more than anything, you should use your hands to be rubbing her clit — which will make those hormones of hers go nuts.

Tease her a little bit

Who doesn’t like a little bit of sexual teasing? Sure, it’s unfair if you’re on the receiving end of it and a girl leaves you with blue balls, but, if you’re the one dishing it out, it’s an instant turn on for girls. That’s because, in addition to revving up her sex drive and playing with her emotions (and parts of her body), it’s a dominant move that girls are instantly attracted to. Take control, show her who’s in charge and, after some teasing and the timing’s right, go all in and spoil her.

Go down on her and use your tongue on her clit

Just as important as fingering, oral sex is one of the foolproof ways of giving a girl multiple orgasms. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing down there, you can still do two things that will make her mind and heart race. First, go lightly and stick the tip of your tongue on her clit. That’ll get her squirming around and dripping wet. Second, don’t be afraid to lick around the vagina, not just on and/or in it. There’s a lot of sensitivity down there, and knowing how to use your tongue will help get her to climax.

Experiment with different things

Look, we all have those go to moves that seem to get off every single girl. That’s great and all, but, come on, don’t be afraid to experiment every once in awhile! Whether it’s a new position you and your girl are trying out, a new (and naughty) spot to get down and dirty at, or something else — like incorporating sex toys — to give her multiple orgasms may take a little bit more effort and adventure than the normal routine.