Harriet Sugarcookie


Adult performer, cam girl, model and lifestyle blogger. Some say I'm the very definition of a 21st century porn star. I say I'm a self-confessed nerd from London, England with an obsession with tech, porn, film, pop culture, sex and relationships. I created this site so I could have all the things I like in one place and discuss them with people I love just like you.

Tommie McDonald


I'm a totally regular guy that just happened to be a friend of Harriet's when she started her porn site. I owned a camera. She asked to borrow it and me along with it. How could I say no? More recently I got stuck with this nickname due to a hilarious week of Tindering and how many of my Tinder dates have wanted to make videos for this site.

Jerry Barnett

Jerry Barnett is a technologist and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the online adult industry. He's written an acclaimed book on the politics of censorship - Porn Panic! - and reacts badly to the state (or anybody else) interfering in his private life. He also claims, implausibly, to be the oldest junglist in London.

Kitty Rea

I am kinky, geeky and full of energy and ideas. I have been organizing events and welcoming people into the kink community for two years. I love educating people about sexuality, kink, polyamory and just relationships in general. With a long standing intellectual affair with mister Asimov and all of the X-men! Ask me anything at all, I so totally have a fetish for helping out.

Neil Welch

Neil is a tax accountant, geek and the first ever contributor to Harriet's site. He loves all comics. Starting with Dandy and Beano then discovering super-heroes as he got a little older until his heart was lost to them. That love affair continues, it's his passion. A movie fan since childhood, he counts himself lucky to live in an era of first-class super-hero movies but he will watch pretty much anything. He has lived on the Isle of Wight for most of his life, is married, and has two adult children. When he’s not doing tax returns he reads a lot (with and without pictures!), writes stories and plays, goes to the cinema, draws and paints a bit, listens to and writes music.