About Sugarcookie

Sugarcookie is the men’s lifestyle site founded by Harriet Sugarcookie. We give you a mix of dating and relationship advice, gaming, sci-fi and fantasy articles with features about some of the hottest girls on the planet. 

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Harriet Sugarcookie

Boss lady

Harriet Sugarcookie began her journey as a shy, awkward nerd to the now iconic founder of the Sugarcookie brand. Determined to lead the adult industry in a better direction, she mixes nerdy and sexy into an educational, compassionate, kickass one-stop-shop for the modern adult consumer. Her goals include meeting Tom Hanks, and getting past silver rank in Overwatch.

Nick Dante


Media industry veteran with over 10+ years experience working with or overseeing a variety of men's lifestyle brands. With a passion on men's mental health wellness, fitness and the ever-changing dating culture, Nick Dante strives to help every man become the best they can be. He's based in the United States and frequents bars; which is good, because he's a soon-to-be owner of his own.

Ira Bananovic

Marketing manager

With 6 years of marketing and communications experience for major brands, Ira leads our marketing team. Her passion is for social media and loves finding cool ways to work with influencers. Ira also loves Dr Who, Rick & Morty, Harry Potter and is obviously chronically single because of that. So she's normally the first to try out mad dating ideas and sex-toys that appear on our site.

Tommie McDonald

Video producer

Tommie has spent most of his career in print and digital media. He producers most of Sugarcookie's adult and mainstream videos. And many of our sex and relationship articles are inspired by his real-life dating miss-steps. Rumour has it the real reason Harriet started this site is to help him get a girlfriend.

Beast Gamer Kuma

Just a beast from Brooklyn born with a game controller. His goal is to bring gamers together and share the love of the culture across all platforms and the world. Kuma has been writing content for over 10 years across different media platforms even video editing reviews, previews and the latest news. He is known for saying "stay frosty" and "beast out".

Neil Welch

Neil is a tax accountant, geek and the first ever contributor to Harriet's site. He loves all comics. Starting with Dandy and Beano then discovering super-heroes as he got a little older until his heart was lost to them. That love affair continues, it's his passion. A movie fan since childhood, he counts himself lucky to live in an era of first-class super-hero movies but he will watch pretty much anything. He has lived on the Isle of Wight for most of his life, is married, and has two adult children. When he’s not doing tax returns he reads a lot (with and without pictures!), writes stories and plays, goes to the cinema, draws and paints a bit, listens to and writes music.