Men and women alike can feel insecure about their prowess in bed. It’s not as simple as asking your partner “hey was I any good just then?” Instead you rely on catching subtle signals to to find out how to know you’re good in bed. Here are some solid signs to look out for if you want to know if you’re good in bed. 

Your partner compliments you during sex

This one seems obvious. It’s the best way of knowing if you’re good in bed or not. There is a difference between a genuine compliment and a fake compliment. A genuine compliment comes when your partner feels good. It could range anything from “I love how your cock feels” to “Please don’t stop doing that!” They will sound passionate and sincere.

A fake compliment on the other hand is generally told after sex. If you push your partner for a compliment, then you’re more likely to receive these. No one wants to be pushed into rating a sexual experience. They’re commonly vague compliments such as “Oh it was very nice.” that doesn’t focus on any one aspect.

She is really aroused

A great sign that can’t be faked is your partner’s arousal level. For women, check how wet she is. Now different women will get wetter than others naturally, which means you should become familiar with how your partner feels when they’re super aroused. Other signs of arousal in women to look for would be if their breasts or clitoris are swelled up. Her face and body should also be flushed from a slightly raised body temperature.

If your partner isn’t fully aroused then you can do something about it. Before diving into sex, make sure you turn your partner on as much as possible. If she needs a bit more foreplay, give her more foreplay. A great way to increase a girl’s natural lubrication is to go on down on her. You could even give her an orgasm before you even enter her.

There’s a lot of cuddling afterwards

Cuddling after sex doesn’t sound the manliest. However you should never skip it. Men and women bond a lot through cuddling after sex. It’s a nice way to come down from the adrenaline and excitement of sex. It’s also a great way to show affection to your partner.

If you’ve had a good sexual experience, the chances are you want to cuddle. The same goes for a woman. I actually find the better the sex, the more I want to cuddle. It’s as if I just want to say “that was amazing! Did you think it was amazing?!” with my body. I want to keep the closeness between the two of us for as long as possible.

You feel confident to try new things

There’s a certain amount of confidence needed to try new things in bed with a partner. it could be a new position, or a new fetish. Adding new things to your sexual routine is a great way to spice up your sex life. It’s also a great way to bond with your partner, since there’s a lot of trust needed.

Trying out new things also improves how good you are in bed. It keeps you from being boring as well as adds more skills to your rooster. You might discover a new technique that you’re amazing at that drives the women wild. Of course, don’t get caught up in only trying new random things. You should have staple of normal, tried and tested techniques making up the majority of your experience.

You’re not pushy

It’s a big sign to women if you’re pushy about sex. No experienced guy needs to badger a woman for sex. During sex, they also wouldn’t try and push their partner to do things they don’t want to, such as anal sex. Being pushy is selfish. A good lover should be the opposite.

If you want to try something, then it’s best to communicate with your partner. There’s nothing wrong about telling them what you’d like to do. Sharing your fantasies with your partner might sound daunting. But it can really build up your relationship. In the same way, make sure you listen to your partner.