I missed out on attending the AVNs this year, but don’t worry America – I’m coming for you! Yes, that’s right guys. I’m coming to America. But I need your help planning my trip this time. I’ll be heading over to Phoenix, L.A. and San Diego and I need suggestions for things to see, food to eat and anything else you can throw at me!

Here’s the quick plan

  • Land in America in time to attend Phoenix Forum 2017 which starts on March 22nd
  • Be in Phoenix until end of convention March 26th
  • Hire a car
  • Drive to L.A.
  • Spend around 1 week in L.A. on press tour
  • Drive to San Diego
  • Visit the RealDoll factory
  • Spend a few days in San Diego
  • 1 week of unplanned stuff around San Diego/ L.A.

What I want to do is get as much information about the three places I’m going to, and then set some twitter polls to get you guys to help me decide what to do. I want to share this trip with everyone as much as possible, so I’ll be trying my best to include you in as many things as I can. Of course the whole trip will be documented with photos and videos that I’ll be posting on twitter as well as my website.


I have no idea what to do in Phoenix. I know it’s a big city, and it was briefly mentioned in the Twilight series (yes, I read that). Is the weather hot? Is there any major attraction I should check out? Local delicacies?

Most of my time in Phoenix will be spent at the Phoenix Forum convention, and adult conference that focuses more on the business side of things. I’m not sure what to expect from it, but I think I’ll still have free time in the evenings. Do you have any recommendations on good places to eat around the Tempe Mission Palms Hot?

Honestly guys, I have no idea about anything to do with Phoenix, so I’m going to need as much help here as possible!

Los Angeles

I’ve been once before, although briefly. This time when I’m coming to America, I want to see more of it. I did the whole Hollywood thing last time, and I managed to hit up and In’n’Out burger place (which I will be doing again for sure!) and I also went to Umami burger.

I’m not sure what sort of food L.A is famous for? I really want to try a Korean BBQ as I’ve never been to one before though! Otherwise, other famous American dishes I can’t get in Europe (at least, not easily)

As for attractions, I want to spend one day at the beach. I’m hoping the weather is really nice. Are there are must-see places in L.A? Museums maybe? What about the best places to go if you’re a geek like me?

San Diego

Another city I know nothing about. Other than San Diego Comic Con, which is a legendary event I haven’t had the honour of attending yet. But for the home city of the biggest geek convention in the world, there must be some pretty amazing places to visit right?

Of course I’m not limited to only geeky things. So what’s the deal guys? Where’s the place to be, and the food to eat in San Diego? I have it on good authority that there’s a good Vietnamese community around these parts, and I’ve love to eat some Vietnamese food!

Non city specific things I would like to do

  • Eat Korean BBQ
  • Try a “food challenge” of some sort
  • Visit a fair
  • Visit an arcade
  • Get my picture taken with a someone famous
  • Get my picture taken with a shark or dinosaur
  • Go swimming
  • See the Grand Canyon
  • Visit and All-you-can-eat sushi place
  • Visit Sanrio headquarters
  • Meet a cowboy

Have I missed anything? Please comment below or send me tweets on ideas for me! I’m so excited, I can’t wait for us to come up with the ULTIMATE AMERICA TRIP!

  • formyems

    would it be possible to link you to a would-be colleague of yours while you are there? you both know of each other and have met before possibly

    • You can send me the info through the contact form, but I’m struggling to think who you might mean haha

      • formyems

        You sure? I thought I had mentioned or hinted already, but ok I’ll do that

      • formyems

        Ok I sent a message through there mentioning who and describing more detail, let me know if you got it ok, thank you

  • I’ve sent you most of these before but I’ll list them again of things to see & do in the LA area (which is huge so I would segment 7 days into 3 sections to see the 3 areas of the “city” (Downtown, Westside, Valley)

    – Just passed through, but it’s that type of city. Usually people stay over in Flagstaff Arizona before going out to Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest.


    Downtown / Wilshire Corridor
    – Little Tokyo & Koreatown (for the Sushi, BBQ, KOGI ftw, Hot Pot)
    – Disney Amphitheater
    – LA Live (4D movie theater, food places (wolfgang puck, Staples Stadium (concerts, sports), Microsoft Theater (Award shows, Grammy Museum)
    – LA Convention Center this is the E3 mecca & other porn & random conventions that host there
    – Museum District (Science & Space Museum, LACMA, La Brea tar pits)
    – XBiz offices
    – Embassies
    – LA Zoo
    – Winery
    – Dodgers (Baseball) stadium
    – Forum (Olympics & USC/UCLA football stadium)

    Westside / Beverly Hills
    – Rodeo Drive (Agent Provocateur, Pretty Women experience)
    – Playboy Mansion (at least the outside gates to the estate)
    – La Cienega (Restaurant Row; Dan Tana’s, Mr Chows, Spago, Mastro’s, Beverly Hills Hotel)
    – Century City Plaza (ABC Studios)
    – Santa Monica Beach Pier (Carousel, arcades, games) can then walk The Strand (walking street on beach) which goes all the way south to Venice Beach which holds Muscle Beach (famous workout area)
    – 3rd Street Promenade
    – Santa Monica marine sanctuary

    – Pinks (Most unique Hot Dogs; world famous)
    – Bunch of TV Shows live tape in Hollywood
    – Bunch of Hollywood Star tours (the TMZ tour isn’t bad & is usually top rated of them all, there is also a Haunted Hollywood & dead celebrity tours
    – Horseback Riding
    – The Grove (Shopping)
    – Bars & Restaurants of every culture (LA speaks 20 languages) (Hot Pot, Shabu Shabu, Sushi, All-you-can eat meat, Thai chili & other spicy food challenges,
    – Guinness Records museum, Museum of Death, Broken Relationships Musuem.
    – Egyptian Theater, Pantages Theater (Broadway west)
    – CBS West/FOX Studios/CNN
    – Griffith Observatory, best view in town
    – Might have Movie Premier red carpets on Hollywood Blvd.

    Valley aka Pornville
    – Universal Studios Hollywood (Harry Potter castle & other attractions) also tape a bunch of live TV shows on lot. Its up from Vivid Ent. Headquarters they did their SirrusXM radio show out of that building (I had a great view from my old office of topless shoots on the roof) & if you don’t want to eat in Univeral Studios public area outside of park where Saddle Ranch (Ride the Mechanical Bull) or go to Johny Rockets for a burger (do both) there is an In&Out burger direct across from Vivid building
    – AVN building is in Chatsworth down from your PR guy office
    – Ronald Reagan Library
    – Getty Museum
    – Gun Ranges, Horseback riding
    – CBS Studios
    – Griffith Park, train museum
    – Hollywood Hills overlook vistas, best views of all of LA (these are the shots you see in movies/tv when viewing downtown & valley)

    On Way to San Diego
    – Long Beach Aquarium
    – Disneyland
    – Knotts Berry Farm

    San Diego
    – Zoo
    – Aquarium
    – SeaWorld


  • Danny

    Los Angeles

    – Check out the urban light exhibit at LACMA. Google urban light and you’ll know what I mean.

    – All you can eat sushi… I’ve had pretty good luck with Sushi Ippo in K-Town. They’re pretty good about giving you more fish than rice on the niguri.

    – There’s always Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios (for Harry Potter stuff) and Knotts Berry Farm if you’re looking for Theme Park fun.

    – Wayyyy outside of LA, but if you want, maybe check out Cabazon Dinosaurs for your dinosaur fix?

    – Check out the Getty Center.

    Just a few things off the top of my head that might not have been listed yet.

  • peterpowers99

    Phoenix is not too far from the Grand Canyon. Drive to Flagstaff Arizona then head out to the Grand Canyon probably the most spectacular thing that you will see on earth

    • NeilW

      The meteor crater which featured in Starman isn’t far from Flagstaff.

  • revivalep

    I’m so happy for you–this must be exciting!

    Will you be doing a formal/informal fan meet up in LA/SD?

  • NeilW

    Venice Beach has a really good vibe, and I found the sea very inviting (it was August though). Parking was easy, too.

  • stevekw

    Couple things off the top of my head. Must have an In and Out burger. Try the double double “Animal Style”. Drive the PCH fron Long Beach south till you cant go any further (Camp Pendelton is in the way) . Then again from Oceanside to SanDiego. Id suggest on the way down stop in Newport Beach, Fashion Island Mall (shop with The Housewives of Orange County, lol) and again in Laguna Beach. There are a few “hidden beaches” in Laguna you can google them. Id suggest 1000 steps beach, you wont be disappointed. Hope this helps. Couple famous burrito places in San Diego, try them. La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) is also a great spot, check out the seals by the beach. In LA, the Getty Museum is a must (its free excepet for $10 or so for parking, do the free tours, the architectural one will be great for a geek like you (lol).

  • Will Daychild

    I would recommend South Mountain Park for hiking and photo opps of the desert ? There are various Asian restaurants that are good. If you are adventurous try Native American cuisine at the Frybread House. If you have time for day trips, Sedona is beautiful about 2 hours north of Phoenix. Also, the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is nice. I believe there are Day flights from Phoenix to Grand Canyon West. Or take in a Phoenix Suns game.

  • new22003

    If you do a beach in L.A., don’t do a played out touristy one like Santa Monica/Venice. Hit up Hermosa Beach and spend a day there, its a far better beach, you can chill with local surfers, maybe take a SUP lesson at Tarzan or a surf lesson, go to Palmilla Cocina y Tequila for lunch, maybe hit the comedy club there (10 comics for $20, most with national T.V. exposure), hit up Abigale for dinner.

    For stuff in L.A. hit the Broad museum and do Otium for Lunch next door.

  • bacsal

    For San Diego, our main asian food district is Convoy Street. There’s definitely some all-you-can eat Korean BBQ there and it’s Vietnamese food lies just past the south end in Linda Vista. However, a more concentrated collection of Vietnamese restaurants can be found in City Heights along El Cajon Boulevard.

    As for a food challenge, I’d say try getting a normal-sized order of carne asada fries from any San Diego taco shop and eating the entire thing. It’s more of a local specialty that isn’t served in many places outside of the area.

  • jonathan

    Beverly soon tofu, 2717 w Olympic blvd ste 108. If you want a killer fix to the Korean food hole that needs to be filled this is the place to go. Every time I fly out of La I do my best to have an extended layover and eat there. Trust me its worth it, check out the reviews if you like.

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  • lovesandiego

    Driving from Phoenix to LA can be fun, but it is a long drive. In Los Angeles you might want to explore the Getty Museum. It is exceptional.http://www.getty.edu/museum/about.html If you like sushi, make sure to visit a good sushi restaurant in LA or San Diego, and try the sea urchin. It is the best in the world. The best thing to do in San Diego is to go and swim and snorkel in La Jolla Cove. It is beautiful place and the marine life is protected. Hiking in Torrey Pines Reserve is also a beautiful way to spend couple hours. I would park below the park, hike up and all the way down to the beach and then follow the beach back to the car. You can browse TripAdvisor.com for restaurants, and also for other things to do. Let me know if you have certain interests, I can maybe offer advise.